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This video talks about one of the deceptions in the seduction community as well as the type of men who join the seduction community. It explains why these methods and techniques can’t help most of the guys who take workshops, seminars and bootcamps on how to pick up women. This video describes the two advantages that men who are successful with women actually have.

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24 Responses to “www.SeductionCommunityExposed.com Video 1”

  1. WaaahWah Says:

    You can stop being a pussy and man the fuck up? You haven’t approached chicks, so you don’t know wtf you are talking about. Looking at a chick and then pussying out is NOT approaching.

  2. InspectorMontelbano1 Says:

    The real faggots are wannabe PUA fanboys like you, you shame and insult men like me who have simply been dealt a bad hand in life with regards to women and dating. There’s not much I can do, if women reject me because of my perceived race and below average looks.

  3. WaaahWah Says:

    Better to be a fanboy than a faggot who blames other people for his shitty results while not even trying.

  4. InspectorMontelbano1 Says:

    Geez, yet another childish and immature insult from a brainwashed PUA fanboy, I guess if I am faggot, there’s a reason for it YOU’RE CONTAGIOUS – deal with that.

  5. WaaahWah Says:

    You are a phaggot – deal with it.

  6. InspectorMontelbano1 Says:

    BULLSHIT!!, without looks/or money, you will not get women. PUA is a fucking scam,and I applaud anyone who exposes these PUA conmen for what they are ie. CON ARTISTS AND LIARS??
    Women are shallow creatures – deal with it.

  7. XenosSoundworks Says:

    I would have to agree that a lot of the PUA gurus’ advice is bullshit. I tried that stuff in my younger years and while it helped me get out of my shell and win female FRIENDS, that’s as far as it ever went. I didn’t start getting girls on a more intimate level until I completely overhauled my looks by taking up bodybuilding and adhering to a very strict diet. This made a much bigger difference in ONE year, than the previous TWENTY trying just about every other approach you could dream up!!

  8. ragman2008 Says:

    So, you’re basically shitting on the community and selling and marketing your own book/product

    What a douche
    LOL, you crack me up :)

  9. ExposeSeduction Says:

    lol thanks

  10. SteveSmith26 Says:

    I laugh at the PUAs because they full of bullshit, but I think that your video is also full of bullshit. You seem like a bitter loser more than anything.

  11. WaaahWah Says:

    Look, if you don’t believe me, that’s fine. Im not gonna try to force my views and experience on you. But please, don’t go around and tell people that this pickup stuff is useless and that the instructors have some kind of “hidden advantages”.

    Because that is crap on a stick. There are countless examples in the community of guys who started out totally hopeless with women and are now living in so called sexual abundance.

    You do NOT need money or looks to pick up girls mate.

  12. ExposeSeduction Says:

    Money is irrelevant when it comes to picking up girls? Ok, back to earth….

  13. WaaahWah Says:

    This shit is getting ridiculous.

    What the community is about (and im only talking about RSD since they are the only company i actually like) is TRANSFORMING yourself into the sexworthy guy. Not using routines and canned lines to appear as one, but really becoming one.

    PS: Money is fucking irrelevant when it comes to picking up girls.

  14. ExposeSeduction Says:

    Thank you!


  15. italianchappy Says:

    In other words, for seducing hot women you gotta show high mating value. PUA’s books can teach to imitate some of the characteristics typical of high value. There’s a limit in the possibility to do this. However some of these PUAs are very good in explaining females’ psychology and reactions. The fraud is when they advertise courses claiming everyone can bang hot tens at will following their method.

  16. italianchappy Says:

    This vid is very useful. When you hear a so called PUA saying that everybody can seduce wonderful women, beware. It’s a fraud. They’re deceiving you. However if you have some advantages, for instance you’re good looking, or a funny personality or you’re wealthy, some of their books can really boost your chances. (I stress: “Some of their books”, it’s full of garbage out there, for sure).

  17. ExposeSeduction Says:

    I’ve gotten with several women since joining the “community” a year and a half ago. A little over 30 in that time and about 10 before joining

  18. hannibalb3 Says:

    Anybody who makes a video like this clearly tried to learn pick-up, and failed miserably at it. I’m sorry your life sucks man.

  19. WaaahWah Says:

    Have fun in this reality…

  20. ExposeSeduction Says:


    If you want a a SUSTAINABLE and REPEATABLE way to get hot girls, then you need the aforementioned hidden or open advantages. It’s just the way it is. You can fake it but a hot girl is going to see right through the bullshit. It wont work. Yes, you can still get girls but I’m talking about the hot girls on a repeatable and sustainable basis

  21. SSUNNY99 Says:

    Well, I agree with some of the things you said. Nobody can make you do something, you must do it. One CAN show you the way, follow it or not is your choice. And when I started my journey, I didn’t had any hidden advantages. Right now I have $1000 dollars in my bank and more on the chubby side. And in high school I was a dork. And can I get about 80% of the women I desire. Most people don’t practice that is why they fail. I think hidden advantages do help in the practice part.

  22. ExposeSeduction Says:

    I have no idea whether Mehow gets a lot of women or not

    However, he has some amazing hidden advantages- did you not watch my video? He has a LOT of money

    Again, I don’t know whether he gets hot women or not (dont believe everything you see)

  23. HAJHAJJJJ Says:

    Man you’re full of shit.

    Just look at Mehow balding, older and unattractive and still pulls hot girls AND theres even lots of video proof to show it

  24. CoolRockinPapi Says:

    Hahaha. Entice potential prospects by calling them ugly without any “hidden advantages” LoL

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