would the potentiol of the apocalypse in 2012 make women more attracted to normal guys?

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givin the potentiol of the apocalypse in 2012 would women suddenly lower their standards in an effort not to die alone?
not really like that. im talking about its december your a perfect 10 girl your at a bar, would you give a guy who is say a 3 the night of his life
ok then take the idea both ways. would men and women lower their standards when faced with the apocalypse

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6 Responses to “would the potentiol of the apocalypse in 2012 make women more attracted to normal guys?”

  1. leigh Says:

    I like really weird, bizarro guys.
    edit- I was just being funny but to answer your question i dont think i have such a high standard anyways. I go for average guys as well. ppl complain that i need to go for more attractive guys.

  2. Louise C Says:

    The implication that only women have standards when it comes to choosing a partner is frankly very peculiar to me. I think men are just as likely to have standards as women. Men on here frequently moan about women not being pretty enough, thin enough, fashionable enough, not being able to cook etc. Men seem to me to be just as picky as women, if not more so.

  3. The Doc Love Says:

    If we are talking about mass destruction scenario…
    The women that believe this will happen will look for males that display

    -Alpha male traits
    -Violent (not towards their mates of course)

    The reasoning for this is they would then look for the protectors. Fear would push these women into a survival mode. They need someone who will lead them to safety and protect them.

    The new “feminized” normal guy are not taught to be manly in the old school sense. The reason men fought in World War 1 and World War 2 was to protect their families and country. Chivalry is an ideal when men were expected to give up their lives in order to protect women and children. That included women and children to whom you had no relation to (like in times of disaster).

    But women are highly intelligent when it comes to protecting one self (when fight and riots break out, the first people usually to leave are women), they will usually choose a mate that will provide her the best chances for her survival.

  4. insertcoolnamehere Says:

    i think this is when the “not even if you were the last guy on earth” sort of attitude comes in

  5. Spanx for Men! Says:

    Horsemen of the apocalypse?

    Oh goodie goodie I always wanted a pony!!!
    I can look forward to getting my pony in 2012, I’ve only been waiting 40 years oh goodie goodie!

  6. poldi Says:

    Since there is not one shred of scientific evidence to support even one of the ridiculous claims about the world ending in 2012, its a rather irrelevant question.

    The only reason anyone would “lower their standards” (somone is rather insecure, it appears) would be if the end was actually imminent (meaning it was actually happening).
    Potential means nothing, and a potential hoax means even less.

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