Worst Study in the World: Bald People Don’t Get Laid

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24 Responses to “Worst Study in the World: Bald People Don’t Get Laid”

  1. JLiridona Says:

    …..as soon as i get the money once i take care of that get a tattoo one or two body is ripped just need to gain mass there soon white as hell but a tan can take care of that have flawless skin no pimples white teeth basically guys what I’m saying enhance your looks witch makes you feel good about yourself and will see changes take my word for it take care guys.

  2. JLiridona Says:

    man fuck what girls want is what i fucking want not good for the bitch oh well theirs plenty of fish in the sea lol and as for the bald look me personally fellas I’m 21 and the vortex of my head is see threw when its out on the open mirror I learned to accept it theirs far more worse thingd then losing your hair theirs cancer all kinds of sickness as for me i have a nice average sized skull my hears are small and perfect nose is big but I’m gonna get that fixed….

  3. xhemexx Says:

    Beauty is truly subjective, and especially as we get older, we learn to focus and look for the things that are more important in a person and that matter in the long run.The Tall Dark and handsome phrase is a preference, it is not meant to be taken strictly as a requirment. Guys prefer the hot blond with large breasts and well developed, but thats obviously not a must or set in stone, because we see guys date ladies that are quit different then that. Same thing with ladies.

  4. xhemexx Says:

    @lesrambles1 We really don’t know what’s in a womans heart. Lack of self confidence or not being happy just how one is, plays a big role here.There are other TRUE studies that say otherwise from this study. We are not talking about preferences here, we are talking about requirments. We all have preferences but chances are we won’t all get exactly what our preference may be for someone, but that doesn’t mean the person won’t date them. A man is not his hair, there’s more to a man than hair.

  5. lesrambles1 Says:

    Personality and confidence my ass. You make it worse when you tell lies. Women prefer men with hair. With dark hair. @xhemex

  6. xhemexx Says:

    @Demo5 No it’s not true, that is why it’s calledc ”worst study” or bad study,it’s not true and false and unreliable. Other studies have COMFIRMED otherwise. Many women like bald men. Also by far most women would rather date a bald guy then a fat guy with a head full of hair especially if the bald guy is a good guy. Thats a fact.

  7. xhemexx Says:

    @baldkiller1973 No it is not I used to think that but women largely would accept and love a bald guy if he is a overall good person. Baldness is by no means the biggest dealbreaker to women, not even close. I think you are just shy or lack the confidence which women love, if you can just grow in those areas and be true to yourself women will admire that. Most women who are mature and 30 plus or even 27 pluw would date a bald man if he had other great qualities. This study is false and not true.

  8. xhemexx Says:

    @kymystic65 No not true. You just have to be confident in yourself and be true and happy with who you are. Women love confidence and a good charming sense of humour. So don’t worry, most women don’t really care.

  9. Searchinganswers Says:

    Maybe that dude looked much better with hair.

  10. Searchinganswers Says:

    @BlooBeluga Men with more testosterone naturally have more DHT (a variant of testosterone) and that causes hairloss.

  11. Searchinganswers Says:

    I watch a lot of porn and I think its mostly the bald muscular dudes that get the hottest girls.

  12. Searchinganswers Says:

    I dont think being bald really matters if you look good with it. Some even get turned on by the clean look it gives. I know from experience. I do however think that this study is making it a problem that it was not. The is creating opinion. And ofc we all know men have rivalry over women so people with hair will always point that out and say the ones without are inferior so they seem superior. But hey I would rather look good with a bald head than have for example a rediculous face and hair.

  13. Searchinganswers Says:

    @baldkiller1973 There has been studies showing that high levels of testo gives naturally higher levels of dht. (which everyone has by some amount). Dht is the most receptorbinding of all types of testo-types and gives more muscle strength, hairloss and higher sex drive.
    Bald men are (very often) more masculine.I see it everyday in people.

  14. baldkiller1973 Says:

    @yomomma123ishere He shaves but otherwise has a full set.

  15. baldkiller1973 Says:

    @lesrambles1 Good for you. Ask any guy, and he will tell you that going bald is painful, and women do lose interest. You cannot get a hot girl with a bald head unless you have lots of cash. Fact.

  16. baldkiller1973 Says:

    @PiaCorleone1 That is harsh. The thing to do is just go to prostitutes.

  17. baldkiller1973 Says:

    @flyingpowerlogitech It does not work.

  18. baldkiller1973 Says:

    @Searchinganswers No, it is because of the bad kind. DHT I think. Bald guys should not reproduce. They just have sons who suffer with it, and that is sadistic to put a kid through that.

  19. baldkiller1973 Says:

    @xhemexx it is the truth. I am bald, I look fine, shave it all off, am built like a boxer, but even though I look good, women are scared of guys who shave their heads. I look dangerous. I gave up on having girls. I just watch porn.

  20. baldkiller1973 Says:

    @yomomma123ishere he shaves his head. He can grow a full set.

  21. baldkiller1973 Says:

    Yes, the study is true. Thing is, I do not go on dates anyway. I used to like women, but learned to hate them. What I like about women is that they get fat, whereas I stay slim and athletic. Still, I decided not to have children, because I would not want my son to go through the pain of watching his hair fall out. Bald men should not reproduce, because it is a genetic weakness. It is a disease.

  22. womblewandering Says:


    Ever since i lost hair, girls have never ever fancied me and it broke me down for a while.

    But from the negative came the positive cos i then had to use my brain a lot to get girls. I had to think up strategies, ways of talking etc and yes, i had way more girls than i did with hair. But i realised baldness didnt suit me and now i know who my real friends are and which girls are shallow and whihc are not.

  23. SiRCoNii92 Says:

    @xhemexx Wait….did you say you have “long dark hair” or “a big giant cock” coming out of your head? Your obnoxious confidence is a bit overwhelming, do something about it

  24. xhemexx Says:

    Bald men will never get any hot ladies because they suck. I have all my long dark hair and I can get any bitch I want and no matter how bad or how much of an asshole i am, women will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS WLAYS choose me over ieces of shits like bald men. LADIES YOU KNOW I AM SPEAKING THE TRUTH AND DON’T DENY IT.

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