women – what stops you from acknowledging that AVERAGE LOOKING women can sexually attract men more easily?

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than AVERAGE LOOKING men can sexually attract women.

what stops you from acknowledging that men face greater pressure to be in that top category of looks?
You are answering the question you want to answer…not the one I asked.
I simply claiming that it much easier for an average looking woman to get sex than it is for an average looking man. If you have a problem with that claim please tell me. I am open to a calm and logical debate.
You are not trying to think along those lines.
I have seen women the size of a small car, and having mediocre personalities who had a steady stream of fit men they could have sex with. Women can be mediocre in every aspect and still get sex. For men mediocrity is not an option. Being average looking is not an option uness a man compensates for it in some way and its not always an option. be it with status, great personality or social dominance / popularity. Why dont women ever have to supplement themselves to get sex?
what Im saying is that The man who is your EQUAL in terms of looks and personality, will have fewer options than you when it comes to sex.

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4 Responses to “women – what stops you from acknowledging that AVERAGE LOOKING women can sexually attract men more easily?”

  1. Kel Says:

    If you truly think that, then you’re hanging around some very shallow women.

    I judge a guy on personality, as do most of the woman I associate with. Sure, looks are the first thing you notice, which leads to “do I want to talk to this dude or not”…..but then, they’re also the last thing as to what’s important.

    EDIT: What I basically said was: I know more average looking guys with better personalities who are getting women over good looking guys who are d***s.
    There. I really can’t put it any plainer.

    EDIT: Well, if that’s what you insist upon, then that’s what you will find. You can’t see what else happens out there if you’re not looking. And I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that – I’m just saying if you choose to limit yourself by such thinking, then, well…you reap what you sow. I have known girls that are “uglier” than me who got dates faster than me simply because they were more outgoing (no – that in THAT sense! LOL).

    EDIT EDIT: BTW – do you happen to have more than one account? Cos someone else is doing the exact same whine instead of actually DOING something about their lives, too.
    Get off the computer more often, be a bit nicer, and you’ll get somewhere.

  2. Vieux Charles Says:

    Another poor sod who has spent far too much time in the meat-market circus known as the American bar-scene.

    Dude, there is a whole big wide world outside filled with great women who care far less on what you look like and far more on what kind of father to her future children you might be.

  3. Whoami :) Says:

    Average women can attract men because they still have the goods.

    Average men can attract women too……… as long as they aren’t selfish, demeaning idiots.

  4. ThingsAsTheyAre Says:

    Because it would require them to acknowledge the reason behind this is their lesbian leaning and narcissistic sex-drive. Women are allergic to facts.



    I think this sums it up quite nicely:
    “Average women can attract men because they still have the goods.”
    In other words, women are lezbos while most guys are straight.

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