Women & Orgasm (Pt. 2): Conquering Fear and Finding Your Way

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This video is the second in a four-part series on women and orgasm. Dr. Joy explains how women can achieve orgasm. This video is brought to you by iFriends.net. For more information on love and health, or to read a full transcript of this video, visit loveandhealth.ifriends.net

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16 Responses to “Women & Orgasm (Pt. 2): Conquering Fear and Finding Your Way”

  1. jx14aby Says:

    Sometimes she’s on her period.

  2. MegaOober Says:

    Gender Age
    Male 45-54
    Male 55-64
    Male 35-44
     WTF 0.0

  3. MichelleSummerDiiva Says:

    why do some women do not like to get their breast rub or touch by their partner?

  4. FM897 Says:

    @Urstupid19 To get a woman to open up, try asking her to tell you how she likes to be stimulated. Tell her you really want to please her and it would turn you on to hear her describe what makes her feel good.

  5. FM897 Says:

    @Urstupid19 I’m making a vast generalization here, but there is still a lot of stigma attached to women who enjoy sex and know what they want sexually. It’s difficult for many women to feel comfortable expressing their desires at the risk of being looked down upon in some way. Women are also afraid of making their partners feel inadequate.

  6. crazyhawk59 Says:

    @Urstupid19 Yes, you are stupid. Most women like a little attention paid to them. What does women liking to have an orgasm, have to do with them not being straightforward? Are you really this stupid? If this is too difficult for you, just keep on doing what you are probably doing, as you watch this. Grow up!

  7. Urstupid19 Says:

    Why can’t women just b straight forward like guys… This is too difficult.

  8. Lorimuni Says:

    thanks for the info i’ll have to try – i always had a hard time to reach conclusion … very frustrating — seems to me too overwhelm and then i feel “dirty” or “naughty” 🙁

  9. ralph262 Says:

    besides youre pretty, i need to thank you,

  10. kscuteflute Says:

    very informative! Great suggestions for those who are having trouble with orgasm.

  11. andycorreia Says:

    Great info. Anoying background sound.

  12. fbisking Says:

    the sound is pretty terrible, sounds like zen prayer bowls

  13. charliestube1 Says:

    Don’t worry ladies, I know how to give all of you a COSMIC ORGASM!!!

  14. Ganalef Says:

    BGM annoying/distracting. Discard.

  15. flareprod Says:

    very very useful info…..saved me 5 years worth of trail and error…thanks

  16. darlingtester1982 Says:

    Hello Joy, Can ou sort out your mic i found it hard to listen to you because many feedback thanks!!!

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