Why Guys Can’t Approach Women.

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pickupartist2.blogspot.com I take relationships and meeting that perfect someone, seriously. “Procrastination” I keep telling myself that there will be a day when I’m ready. And that it isn’t today. – why I couldn’t approach -link your action to the end result or an emotion. Come up with several examples to drive the point home. – be able to turn any conversation into a pickup. — “there’s a first time for everything” I don’t think I’ve ever stopped someone who is moving I usually stick to people in 1 postiion such as just staying put in 1 location. its more of a challenge to engage a moving target Each situation is different its possible due to my hesitation that I am unable to approach fast enough as others. However someone told me that when you have that problem you need to ask yourself “how badly do you want this, what are you willing to do for it” and the answer should be anything and everything. Mind you certain situations will always be low-class choices such as the girl with family or girl with parents scenarios. Perhaps girl whose clearly younger or in a high school uniform would also fit the bill of girls to throw out and forget about. -my lack of social interactions with stranger women per day is another limiting factor. The most I’ve talked to on a day is about 4 – in addition I am not ready for the scenario of “approaching in front of an audience” .. At least it appears that I am intimidated by the fact that all people hear me talking. However, as someone out

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