Why do black guys like white women more than black women?

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I don’t know if it is just in certain areas or what, but like not trying to be racist or anything I am just curious why black men seem to be more attracted to white women than black. I mean honestly, I don’t see that many black women with white men as I do black men with white men. Why is that?

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23 Responses to “Why do black guys like white women more than black women?”

  1. Skittles Says:

    People don’t like each other based on their colour. What the hell?

  2. Donad Says:

    Why do Asian women like white men more than Asian men? Whey do Indian men like white women more than Indian women?

    Why do angels like to mate with humankind?

  3. MVP HAWKS= 9-5 LETS GO HAWKS!!! Says:

    lol, I have NO idea. I like white women more than black women for some reason. DNA maybe?

    EDIT: Somebody hit it. Maybe because somethings i cant stand my mom, that i dont want to deal with another black women? its kinda wrong, but what the hell. Not to mention the naging black women do…………..

  4. rosemaya Says:

    cause its like oreos baby, tasty!

  5. Rebeka Says:

    Got no idea, maybe they associate dark women with their mother. I am an Aussie white girl who prefers dark guys, the darker the berry the sweeter the juice 🙂

  6. Joe L Says:

    Maybe it’s cause they think it’s more erotic, somewhat forbidden or taboo if you will. It always seems like to me that white women are attracted to black guys more. Regarding love and sex drive, nobdoy can every truely define anyone on anything.

  7. **** Says:

    I think you are generalising here. I dont think that is the case that they prefer white women, just that some do and the same with black women liking white guys. Its a preference. Just like say you like guys with dark hair and I like guys with blond hair.

  8. kcxmx Says:

    i am completely ASSUMING, that it is because they think that white chicks would be less likely to go out with them than black chicks…?
    they like/want the chase?

    but i have seriously never ever heard this at all.
    all black dudes that i have known have always liked black chicks, and not white ones lol.

  9. rainbowchick21 Says:

    depends on the black guy-
    i think the society is part to do with it- like it seems like the richer the black guy gets the more he feels the need to marry/date a woman who isn’t black- tiger woods, rings a bell- or the black guys date a real light skinned girl or mixed girl-
    the standard of beauty in america, europe, india, etc- is the lighter you are the prettier you are- so that is why a blonde haired pam anderson with blue eyes would be picked over say india arie or lauryn hill-
    it is a white standard of beauty- pale white skin- long straight hair- light colored eyes.

  10. lee_russell48 Says:

    Universally; throughout history, having a woman of another race is to openly disrespect her race and her family. Historically, white women have always been too simple minded to understand this fundamental truth.

  11. Forlorn Hope-only 5 suspensions Says:

    it is down to the individuals tastes, not generalisation…

    perhaps you are looking in the wrong places…

  12. punker13 Says:

    i do not know?

  13. 28 Weeks Later Says:

    black fellas have big you know whats

  14. babycoming Says:

    naa never that Blackmen Love black women they’re just not strong like they should to put up with us we dont take to sh*t thats why they run to the leak We’re the strongest race of woman

  15. H60DLUM Says:

    I like all women equally.
    White women need to get over themself.
    They have some unsubstantiated superiority complex and think everyone finds them sexy.

    -NEWSFLASH- You’re not sexy.

  16. JO Says:

    This question is tough to answer because it is too generalizing. Overall, I think there are certain stigmas in our society and a lot of people are unwilling or too afraid to break out them. It might also just be a… naturaloccurrencee, much like the asian women and white man pairing being more dominate over the asian man and white women pairing…

    I just think that people fall into doing things that society thinks they should…

  17. random guy Says:

    where do you live

    most black guys i know only date black girls

  18. BETT'S Says:

    I don’t know maybe they find it more attractive, i loveeee my black man.

  19. sisinho2 Says:

    the 1st answer is right, people dont like each other based on their colour, i might see a black girl and really fall in love with her, just because she is black doesnt mean she should go for a black person! I havnt found any hot black girl yet, so i just stick to them whites lol

  20. shytown m Says:

    for me I always went to a predominately white school so white girls tend to look better to me

  21. AaronW Says:

    Why not? Seriously, a lot of black guys prefer white women, and an increasing number of white women like black guys. Some of it is pure curiosity, and some of it is preference. I prefer white women because I’m into less drama, and more physical relationship.

  22. sindy4bbc Says:

    Less drama, less attitude, and better sex.


  23. Just V Says:

    White women have that soft, silky hair that’s just soooo lovely! Also, I just love white women’s skin and eyes.

    White women are GREAT!!!!!!!

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