Why Asian Men Suck With White Women!

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21 Responses to “Why Asian Men Suck With White Women!”

  1. HCHIAtlanta Says:

    the first 23 seconds have hooked me… this is the funniest thing I have seen on Youtube to date….I am sure it will be interesting but this is gold, at least the first 23 seconds…please carry on Ryker 🙂

  2. bringtherain888 Says:

    @SUpersaiyajinjerkbag you inside out racist thundercunt, you can’t take my comments so you call me bitter. There are many white women I live that see me as the top men in my country and it’s not in America you fucked up AIDS infested fuck. We know the crap that comes from America, especially the ugly mother fuck asian american whores like yourself. We hear your american accent and it’s not the right accent for an asian girl. Careful where you vacation or someone will snatch an organ from you.

  3. SUpersaiyajinjerkbag Says:


    Uh, no. Even the minorities venerate white women! That’s why your so bitter that you can’t get any white women!

  4. bringtherain888 Says:

    @randomfatblob there are way too many of you rambling random blabbering faggots who like to look and compare dicks.When I comoe across people like you, you will be a hate crime stat.

  5. bringtherain888 Says:

    @SUpersaiyajinjerkbag Go back into your fucken kitchen and make us some sandwiches, you fucken cunt.

  6. SUpersaiyajinjerkbag Says:


    What? It’s true. Quit acting like backwards submissive asian boys

  7. FlippyMyDog Says:

    @SUpersaiyajinjerkbag way to be ignorant.

  8. SUpersaiyajinjerkbag Says:

    Asian men are losers. They’re not as moral or honest as even backwards white people, and they expect women to do everything

  9. xtremixt1 Says:

    @randomfatblob and your mom is a fat whore

  10. randomfatblob Says:

    asians are faggots with tiny dicks that is why

  11. missPeachytree Says:

    i’m a white girl and i am completely attracted to asian guys don’t worry asian guys you’re sexy!

  12. mrzeroten Says:

    @xXTiberiusXx Well actually he can judge anything he wants to, what he’s saying actually has some merit, but what I think you mean to say is that he “shouldn’t” judge people by race. The prejudice is based on the fact that Asian cultures are highly conformist, and that some of that rubs off on later generations. People in general aren’t unique, and I doubt personality is what he’s paying attention to anyway.

  13. idonotneedanidforyou Says:

    lol…buy now desperate asian guy and you can bang all the white girls you want. This is crazy!

  14. Jocelyn197878 Says:

    @bigmiz89 what race are you?

  15. NoSweat1383 Says:

    what’s wrong with you guys. The race does not matter, it’s all about the personality.

  16. xXTiberiusXx Says:

    can’t judge people by race

  17. bigmiz89 Says:

    @SUpersaiyajinjerkbag there’s an equal amount of beautiful women in all races. as a matter of fact, i’m the least attracted to asian women because they’re too skinny and lack difference in personality

  18. SUpersaiyajinjerkbag Says:

    ASian men whine about not getting laid with white women even though most white women are ugly and asian men are dorks even when

    You see, asian men are too good for white women…but by desiring white women they dorkify themselves yet again. You fuckers are your own worst enemy you dorks!

  19. tearinterran Says:

    why are you acting like your asian dumbass?

  20. Transler811 Says:

    wtf shut up

  21. flagship21 Says:


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