what will attract more women: a monkey or a portable flamethrower?

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19 Responses to “what will attract more women: a monkey or a portable flamethrower?”

  1. BFF Says:

    I love fire
    And you just got 4 time prettier

  2. ~♥Jade♥~ Says:

    You gotta have BOTH!!

  3. Kory Says:

    this is a trick answer: both

  4. I am nuts Says:

    A monkey WITH a portable flamethrower.

  5. hi i'm sam Says:

    a monkey with a portable flamethrower

  6. $munny$ Says:

    a monkey armed with a portable flamethrower gets the girls every time…as long as they survive the 3rd degree burns and viscious bites to the face.

  7. heather.maria Says:

    A monkey

  8. steve s Says:

    A portable flaming monkey thrower

  9. cannot_remember_chit Says:

    depends does the monkey have a Brazilian ?

  10. Christina Ricci Says:

    Hey man, whatever gets your goat…

    If toothless trailer dames is your deal, then either will do just fine

    *done in hillbilly voice*

  11. Billy's uncle Says:

    the monkey

  12. Rah Rah Rah Says:

    An Arctic Monkey or a Hot person on legs?

  13. oh_jo123 Says:

    depends what the monkey is throwing if it his own fecies than I say Flamthrower LOL
    but if not then Monkey

  14. Skwerl for Prezidunt Says:

    yer flamethrower will only attract greasy, energy drink drinking, staying up all night video game nerds… that and ya-dudes… so i’d say monkey…

  15. M™ Says:

    portable flamethrower

  16. lizzykins with sugar on top. Says:

    I, for one, would be totally turned on by the flamethrower, but I am rather strange.

    Better go with the monkey….


    Being as I suspect your a real man and not Ross on friends I am going with the flamethrower,and or any kind of explosive device you may want to show off.

  18. Timmy Undead Says:

    both, how bout a monkey that can operate a flame thrower?

    skip the monkey-in theory they’re cute but can be mean and throw their own feces

    girls will go crazy for a guy who can burn a house down or incinerate their deadbeat boyfriend

  19. Kat* to the Extreme Says:

    Flamethrower. It will make you look like a BAMF instead of a weird guy with a monkey. Haven’t you seen Friends? We all know Ross was the weirdest one.

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