What Men Should Wear – Part 1

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what we think men should know about fashion. guys mentioned: htpp://www.youtube.com/jacklamb2 htpp://www.youtube.com/briantehlion music: cobrastyle – teddy bears PS, I DESPISE MOVIE MAKER WITH A PASSION FOR MESSING UP MY TITLES AND PICTURES EVERY TIME AND FAILING AS AN EDITING DEVICE. THANK YOU. ~Love Christine

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25 Responses to “What Men Should Wear – Part 1”

  1. ArturoMartinez1997 Says:

    1. You girls don’t know how to dress, how you going to tell me how to dress?
    2. Guys don’t sag because it’s small, they sag because it’s big & it hurts with skinny jeans..
    3. Sock and sandals are the shit, pee off..
    4. Chest hair is disgusting? Grow up!
    5. Who said shawty is a compliment though?

  2. 2pkjs1351 Says:

    @TheZ71silverado stop being racist dumass

  3. MrWilldoe Says:

    lets see those tittys shortty

  4. kevingp12 Says:

    i like the indian looking girl, beautiful, i just like them 😉

  5. poiuy0174 Says:

    i would listen if these girls were hot

  6. PAM2167 Says:

    ok girls i can agree with a few things you say, but i have to ask you this. when you wear your clothes, do you like to be comfortable in them or uncomfortable in them. what i mean is that they bind and limit your movement. make it hard for you to sit or walk? now i will never wear a sweater vest,not me. and my polo shirts are a bit loose. on the wife beater shirt. men dont have boobies which is why girls have to wear a bra. i wear mine somtimes its too hot fir even a tee

  7. ColdToiletSeats Says:

    talking about guys dick size ? you girls would all be flat if you didn’t have 200 extra pounds of mcdonalds attached to you lol

  8. ColdToiletSeats Says:

    yet all these girls are fat lol

  9. ThompZinator Says:

    You guys are deffinetly NOT good looking yourself, and are still commenting guys looks/what we should/shouldn’t wear, we don’t want to wear clothes that attracts girls like you 😉 Besides, baggy clothes and lots of colors can be cool if you pull it off 🙂

  10. jpest17 Says:

    >=( hey i do !!!

  11. Gavinator777 Says:

    I watched all 5 videos and they are a big help. Thanks so much! I have one question though: if you were to see a guy who followed all of these “tips”, with the messenger bag and all of the other accesories, would you think he looked good? In other words, should all of the things that you advise men to wear be worn at the same time or separately? If separately, then which things can go together? Let me know. Thanks again.

  12. SaraShana Says:


  13. tiffrox9 Says:

    hey i agree with everything you guys sayy!!
    Come on guys, girls work hard to look good, so, so should you!! COME ON  LMAO

  14. LittleHuntie Says:


  15. man295 Says:

    do you mind watching my video of what i wore on the first day of school and tell me what you think

  16. SaraShana Says:

    lol always room for improvement!

  17. memi3 Says:

    i love brianna’s hair 🙂

  18. jackarse1 Says:

    lool heyy my cloths were only big!

  19. SaraShana Says:

    LOL Zara.

  20. SaraShana Says:

    hehe yup but we love him 😉

  21. evolutionized Says:

    hahaha you guys are so mean to poor jeremy 😛

  22. mizfelton Says:

    don’t hate on Birkenstocks! just hate them for how expensive they are for just sandals. LOL! I agree with everything that you guys say about how guys should dress. oh and hi SOWA!!! lmao!

  23. MyseasonProductions Says:

    Oh right! Zara your laughs the best!

    I hate my acent London ones are the best!

  24. SaraShana Says:

    you’re the worst biological sister ever.
    pactsisterage > biological sisterage

  25. christiney89 Says:

    that was zara lol

    and you shush, your accents are way funnier than ours lol

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