What kind of car can a man buy so he can impress and attract beautiful women for a wonderful & romantic time?

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11 Responses to “What kind of car can a man buy so he can impress and attract beautiful women for a wonderful & romantic time?”

  1. winter Says:

    a voltswagon beetle

  2. mindy Says:

    How about you just be yourself and treat ladies with the up most respect and be caring.that’s more impressive then any fancy car

  3. connor mccorry Says:

    cars shouldn’t matter too much. but if i had to be overly impressed by a car it woud have to be along the lines of lamborghini, ferarri, bentley, phantom, etc. ya know? luxury cars.

  4. Ducis Says:

    Rolls Royce Phantom

  5. Sally H Says:

    If a man is asking this question on the internet, I’m pretty sure no beautiful women will be attracted to him. Unless he’s rich and she’s a gold-digger.

  6. ivannataco Says:

    older cars

    my friend got a 1967 mustang with a V8 for under 3 grand

    other than looking INCREDIBLE, that thing purred like you have no idea

  7. Matigas Says:

    Toyota Prius…She’s gonna say,… Wow, yo are so smart…driving a Prius?!…clever.

  8. tanya G Says:

    one with a nice long stickshift, something with a sturdy crankshaft and powerful rods, also with a nice rearend and lots of power under the hood.

  9. -Nick Says:

    depends on the girl….if shes large get a 1988 Monte Carlo.
    if shes tiny get a smart
    if shes poor get a bicycle

  10. It's me again... Says:

    The car doesn’t matter, its who’s driving it.

  11. EddieRasco Says:

    If he’s trying to attract superficial women then a anything expensive, topless and fast. If he’s trying to attract a sensible woman than something more appropriate for the times like a hybrid. When I was younger I had cool cars. Camaros, Mopar muscle cars but I only bought them because I personally had an appreciation for these cars not to impress women. Of course I would get lookers all the time. work on your self esteem first. It will last longer.

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