Vh1 The Pickup Artist Season 2 Supertrailer (Oct 12 2008)

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24 Responses to “Vh1 The Pickup Artist Season 2 Supertrailer (Oct 12 2008)”

  1. ole78aol Says:

    Boom Boom Boom interest interest interest, who is that guy. MATADOR!

  2. artmusicplz Says:


  3. artmusicplz Says:

    I can respect that.
    Anyway I loved this show. I was sad they never had a season 3!

  4. mikelorenz121 Says:

    I never played spin the bottle. But the girls at my school were all pigs, so maybe that’s a good thing.

  5. MisterCovek Says:

    Seriously? Women complain about how they are fooled into sex and other stuff.. the same women that wear make up… Women wear make up to show people their good qualities, and to hide their flaws. But THIS, actually gives some men a chance with beautiful women. Because if this didn’t exist, those women my never find true love… or men. This only allows men to show what they really are. And because we live a society where looks are more important, it’s very hard to accomplish that goal.

  6. ImJustinSane69 Says:

    wtf did matador his biceps got 10 times bigger

  7. rivlean8 Says:

    2:30 holy fuck lol

  8. tomatoesontoast Says:

    3:52. Even my jeans have a vagina…

  9. NinjaKid3000 Says:

    No..thats not why he’s dressed like that. If you read “The Game” by Neil Strauss he reveals why..its a technique called peacocking. An average looking guy cannot get above average looking girls, so by peacocking you dress flashy and outrageous to draw attention and separate you from the average person.

  10. BaronGerman Says:


  11. RioMadeira Says:

    I KNOW what it is. You know what else it is? Fucking stupid.

  12. natedejuggla Says:

    it’s called PEACOCKING, read a book!

  13. CleverDjembe Says:


    Haha, nice 😀

  14. felixdamajiccat Says:

    I’ve read into this stuff lol.. he is both desperate for attention as well as mentally ill. Hit the nail on the head my friend. He still knows how to pull chicks though

  15. RioMadeira Says:

    I understand the technique, but ultimately I’d assume this guy was either desperate for attention or mentally ill.

  16. FantasticDan1000 Says:

    The clothing style is pea cocking which means dressing outrageously to get girls to open to you and be interested in you because you are dressed so peculiarly


    I cant find where to watch season 2!!! help anyone?

  18. SeductionMyth Says:

    Simple question to all PUA fans:
    IF you guys believe game exists, if you can MAKE a girl interested by merely using you superb social skills,
    What should be the success rate of a player who is like the “full package”: not only socially skilled but also deadly handsome? Imagine this guy approaches 100 chicks, how many will he lay?
    a) About 90  b) about 70 c) about 10

  19. cezarcodau Says:

    why girls love rock stars like Slash,or Joe Perry …are they exactly dressed the same ..?? answer yourself .

  20. SuperDudewhatever Says:

    best show ever

  21. will111ify Says:

    Please Season 3 !!! Like if your with me !

  22. MeetWomenOnline Says:

    Why Do all Pickup artists dress like either a harry potter character or Rockstar?

  23. jellyboy123 Says:

    Its called peacocking its like why do men put a suit on?? to show their statues, rank, power, money, strong alpha statues…. thats why mystery puts on a fluffy hat to stand out.. you got to look at the big picture ask why ???? he wants to look different he’s showing he’s different from the reason confident plus if a girl want to talk to him they can just say ” nice hat” or “why you got a hat like that on” its a good ice braking tool.

  24. BillTheTrainer Says:


    It’s really not hard to pick up girls. You just need to educate yourself and luckily, there’s some sick guides out there. “The Game” by Neil Strauss started things off for me and most recently, I’ve been using the techniques from P.Box.

    Here’s what you need to do:

    Step 1: Go to MackMethods. com

    Step 2: Get the “pandoras box” program

    Step 3: Use the tips and blend it in with your own twist

    Picking up girls is a skill. Educate yourself and you’ll laugh at how easy it is

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