Understand & Overcome “The Fear Of Rejection” NOW – Ways to Minimise it!! – Part 2

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www.askhotalphafemale.com – Get instant access to “Secrets to Gauging and Triggering A Woman’s Attraction Blog: www.hotalphafemale.com Fear of Rejection is something that all of us must overcome at some point or another. This is part 2 on how to minimize rejection when approaching women. However it is especially evident when it comes to approaching women, whether it be to introduce yourself, ask for their number, take them on a date, expressing your interest. I get it. Its tough. I don’t approach women to pick them up, but I do know a thing or two about the fear of rejection and what that does to us. The most important thing is that we focus on the opinion we hold of ourselves first and foremost before the opinion of others. In this 2 part series I explain where the fear of rejection stems from and how to change in and how to actually minimize it when it comes to approaching women. Hope you guys enjoy!! Hot Alpha Female Brutally honest dating advice http

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24 Responses to “Understand & Overcome “The Fear Of Rejection” NOW – Ways to Minimise it!! – Part 2”

  1. Yee Geiger Says:

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  2. Valery Menger Says:

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  3. Annetta Lollar Says:

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  4. Roseline Kaiser Says:

    Guys, getting girls does not have to be hard (I used to think it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Look for a dating course known as Zuntramax Secrets (do a google search). Seriously, that course has transformed my life.
    I probably should not even be talking about it because I don’t want a bunch of other folks out there running the same “game” but whatever, I am in a great mood today so I’ll share the wealth haha.

  5. lltrixll Says:

    Love this post I subscribed imediately after

  6. DeviantPsyche1 Says:

    Haha Bait, it’s like going fishing. Going fishing

  7. Kitsune81 Says:

    Sure they approached a lot, but it’s the looking back on it, recognizing what you did wrong and fixing it what will make you good. (If you can’t recognize the problem, you’ll have to look at other people that have this part handled, or get a well respected coach, one that gets results).

  8. Rocky7731 Says:

    Fear of Rejection that is not my problem it is something else. It is just what to look for like what you had said here making the 1st more. Give a look or a wave and see what she do. To talk to people will that is other problem I am good in writing but talking that my strong suite at all. Beside I am not sure I look good.

  9. MrPrideEvans Says:

    i think all this advice is coming from her personal view of someone coming up to her and shes trying to get women to think like her, women are a waste of time..

  10. ChrisEllerbeck Says:

    cant wait to try this stuff out!

  11. martialag Says:

    if she rejects you, shoot her in the head nine times and in the heart ten times. she guaranteed to flat line.

  12. GorillaBro73 Says:

    That’s very true about starting a regular conversation with anyone…like in a check-out line like what you said. This would totally help your interaction/conversation starting engine within you to warm up better. It’s suprising what opens up…and it feels very eyebrow raising. I’m still single, but I believe that I’m in a better area in life than a few years ago. Thanks for all your helpful instructions and advice.

  13. cam9271 Says:

    YOUR AMASING… This has helped me so so so much
    ps good to see some auzzies ay??

  14. hotRobert1 Says:

    Thanks it help’s alot. so fare i only do the part with talking with different women younger and older. I learn having a conversation is the key, unless your good looking guy and she’s easy to score in bed conversation dont matter. But with a handsome guy like myself conversation is the key only when i can have her smile with fun and up lifting Conversations.

  15. Whir25 Says:

    Very helpful and inspirational! Thanks.

  16. CountDOODOO Says:

    Good advice! I also really like the song at the end.

  17. luigiperso Says:

    this girl is really intelligent. And so cute too

  18. luigiperso Says:

    radio187,that’s exactly the problem. It feels like begging,and until this is not overcome,a guy will never succeed. The male has to do the work….that’s the message

  19. OchrismongrelO Says:

    lol….i made the 3 second comment after watching half the vid then you started talking about it, haha.

    Maybe I should start watching the entire vid before commenting :-p

  20. OchrismongrelO Says:

    Not just that, but it’s the same concept that boxers use…….punching a brick wall callouses up the hands, making them tougher.

    The next time, it wont bother you as much.

    Eventually, it wont bother you at all, and you can even turn a rejection into a close… been there done that 🙂


  21. OchrismongrelO Says:

    “Every rejection is just a brick in my palace.”

    PUA Creed by Maddash



  22. silbanis Says:

    I think that most guys aren’t afraid of
    rejection what they’re trying to avoid
    is being embarrassed & humiliated.

    I’m too socially awkward to approach
    women but If I did…my main concern
    would to avoid being humiliated (and
    making the woman feel uncomfortable).

    I would care about being rejected…I
    couldn’t handle being humiliated.
    my concern would be

  23. Wulfgar12 Says:

    Though I agree
    the best is to do it for real.
    just dont think its something you have to do all the time if you have other projects on your hands forexmpl.

  24. Wulfgar12 Says:

    I think the 100%
    correct way to approach women
    is to be around them 100% of your life.

    I am to much of a loner and I like it
    to be successfull like that.
    so what I need to learn is a constant
    sub-concious mental opening of my social gates. with no womens involved
    try it guys!
    Imagine you standing in front of your largest fear
    and handling it. everyday.
    You dont need to Molest your reputation
    by experiencing it for real every day
    by approaching 100 women. no just imagine it.. feel it

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