Two other important elements of confidence with women…

Posted by: laidtips  :  Category: Uncategorized Make sure you don’t do these two things if you want to develop real confidence with women.

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25 Responses to “Two other important elements of confidence with women…”

  1. Dante1408Virgil666 Says:

    …and maybe u can tell me that there is some mistakes that brought them not replying my comment/massage….and i already read ur website about texting online dating….but still…they dont want to reply it after a few texting with them…

  2. Dante1408Virgil666 Says:

    hey arkady,thnx alot for all ur information that u gave…but there is one thing that i’m feeling my self scared….its about the online dating…when i want to start my first comment/massage…..i have this feeling that i’m afraid to text them because of worrying that,yes the first n the second message were good but after a few massage with her….she is not replying…n that what im afraid of…is it actually we can write anything we want to say about them…..?

  3. jasperpaws24 Says:

    @Derek799 LOL….

  4. RasberryCake Says:

    If all men where like him. We will have less man hater women….. He is 1 in a billion……

  5. RasberryCake Says:

    @Derek799 Ha ha that is so lame….

  6. Caabdi2000 Says:

    @Derek799 thats what i’m sayin lol

  7. ohhlatte Says:

    hes cute and smart more guys need swag like him

  8. XxDrD34THxX Says:

    @Derek799 ima try it

  9. TurquoiseTheoryProds Says:

    @Derek799 LOL IT WORKS! ROFL!!!

  10. IIIxXCruzXxIII Says:

    @Derek799 LMAO i’ll try that

  11. Andizzy623 Says:

    @evod22 do it ur self.

  12. sinbadtodebone Says:


  13. 7blOOds7 Says:

    yea dude, he’s like the God of dating:P

  14. BPMontana Says:

    @betterthansex123 Good advice.

  15. thenewstyle09 Says:

    this guy is truly amazing

  16. bboysoul1 Says:

    Wow dude, I love you man. I am more comfortable around girls now =D Guys, if you’re wondering if you should or shouldn’t take this guy’s advice. I say you should. It really works!

    I speak from experience!

  17. bannanahomie Says:

    mix your signals and be unpredictable
    example if she smiles at u or laughs in ur presence say something like “jessica have i got a bogey on my nose or something?” she’ll go “no why?” you say “why was u laughing at me then?” i promise u with confidence and a soft smiley face she will laugh, its not what u say its how u say it but dont stick around sometimes pretend she’s not there but dont be rude obviously
    honestly it will drive her crazy

  18. thismanonfire Says:

    to all men everywhere, please remember that women hunt in packs.

  19. ezamismyname Says:

    so wat should i do?

  20. bannanahomie Says:

    in her head ur chasing her which it looks to be from my point
    why dont u get her to chase u? shes probably used to guys surrendering to her beauty and doing what u do, be different
    if u dont know how just ask, come on dont be shy

  21. ezamismyname Says:

    in my situation,this girl she’d text me messages and i reply her text but then i wait for her reply back it to me and shes not … its always happend …and i wondered why is that?what is really wrong with her?

  22. betterthansex123 Says:

    never openly tell a girl you are interested. Hint at it and leave clues but leave just as many clues and hints that you might NOT be interested. Mixed signals are paramount and will usually get the girl to say all that shit first in an attempt to get somethng out of u. Counter-intuition and reverse psychology.

  23. RubberWilbur Says:

    What is common sense doesn’t mean it is commonly practiced.

  24. dolph80550 Says:

    oh come on man. was this one for middle schoolers? i thought the people that watched your videos at least had a clue what they were doing.

  25. bluejacksongrinder Says:

    ^^^^youtube comment of the year^^^^

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