Trying to Pick up Girls from a Car

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Just a day out.

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16 Responses to “Trying to Pick up Girls from a Car”

  1. FudgeStain Says:

    “I think you’re very adorable for a middle-aged woman!”

  2. BNBSUCKS Says:

    You’re an idiot

  3. biagiotti2006 Says:

    XforeverlongingX – you’re an idiot.


    Dear Jarret Jay Casessa, I am honored to congratulate you on winning The Pathetic Douchebag Medal of Honor. It was tough choice but the decision was unanimous. Whether it was your narrow-minded perspective on politics and society, atrocious acting, god-awful surfing, egregious way with women or hollow claim to know anything about stocks, trading, the markets, or having money, you always knew how to be yourself, a genuine tool. P.S. BnB Analytics won the Joke Status Award. Dealt-wift.

  5. a36rod Says:

    this shit cracks me up….

  6. bluuurrr Says:

    good job meat head

  7. gescobar731 Says:

    hey bro,
    Even if girls were financially spoiled by their fathers, a true pick up artist can still get the girl. Good luck with your future endeavors. I have you as a myspace friend.

  8. XforeverlongingX Says:

    Why be “patriotic” and be faithful to your country if you can’t be faithful to it’s people?

  9. XforeverlongingX Says:

    I don’t think it is typical for an “American Patriot” to be a promiscuous slob. The American dream vision is living in suburbia with a white picket fence. A stretch for most, but you’ve gone against “American” morality.

  10. BullnBearAnalytics Says:

    What’s unpatriotic about picking up girls off the street?

  11. XforeverlongingX Says:

    I find it odd that you said that you are a “true American patriot” in your obama muslim ad video, yet you do a video on picking up girls off the street. Interesting.

  12. XforeverlongingX Says:

    Is this for real?

  13. btwall60 Says:

    u checked ur phone while driving ???????? what an effing rebel

  14. Concept640k Says:

    LOL nice

  15. jophus82 Says:

    What a great pick up line… “I’m in traffic.” My guess if you were looking for action in a wet suit, you should have in weho.

  16. conjon11 Says:

    lol. more like this!!

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