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The “Trade Secret” To Getting Laid

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The following strategy has been proven to work… almost TOO well for men to first contact, then seduce women at Adult Friend Finder.

It started from me doing market research in the dating arena. I joined, pretended to be a man, and contacted many attractive women in my area. I sent them a message asking what, exactly, worked to get their attention, and what did not. In other words, how can a man best get laid and what should they say, etc.

Well, it turns out the responses were both interesting and varied. I had many long chats with many women who were more than happy to give me advice.

Then it hit me. I was CHATTING with them about something. I simply asked for advice and I was actually getting a LOT of attention! Do you see where I am going with this?

By simply emailing the hot women (hundreds and hundreds overall) with the subject line, “Need Your Advice” I was getting more response than most men ever get by saying something typical like, “You are so hot”.

Think about it. If someone sent you an email with the subject, “Need Your Advice” you would at least be curious enough to open it , right, espesially at an adult dating site?

Well, it turns out that many women are so desperately hungry to give advice that they will bend over backwards (interesting sex position really) to give it!. They will not only chat with you, they will GET TO KNOW YOU. THEY WILL FUCK YOU!

Be yourself, tell them since they are obviously one of the most gorgeous (women LOVE that word) women at Adult FriendFinder that you wanted to ask their expert opinion on how best to approach women there. And what mistakes to avoid. Not only will you learn a great deal for future reference, you will have your foot in the door, so to speak, and will actually start getting laid with the same women you are asking advice from!

Listen, I have had several men test this strategy in the real world of dating sites, and it does work. Very well in fact. You see, what ever get them chatting with YOU will get you laid. Period.

The number one reason most men never get laid at a dating site is because they send out lots of messages and get NO response whatsoever. Then they quit and tell everyone that dating sites are scams or whatever.

So remember, before you click the link to sign up below, that you write down these three MAGIC words:

“Need Your Advice”

And then start sending that as the subject line (with your individual message that you need to come up with) and you will be amazed at how many women will respond. Some will just answer you. But others you will get to know, and some you will DATE…

That’s it. That strategy works so well I call it the “trade secret” for getting laid at dating site, especially FriendFinder type sites.

So, IF you intend to take action to get laid TONIGHT, SIGN UP NOW!

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