Tips For Flirting: Become A Natural (Part 5)

Posted by: laidtips  :  Category: Recent Tips Tips For Flirting Become A Natural (Part 5). Forget the silly pickup lines and routines and become a man who attracts women and does not chase them. For more FREE tips for flirting, visit

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10 Responses to “Tips For Flirting: Become A Natural (Part 5)”

  1. MrAaronSIlver Says:


  2. Breaker8nine Says:

    That guy’s laugh in the background is hilarious it makes the video just as much as David lol

  3. gcjackofalltrades Says:

    youtube greatest invention ever
    this video is hilarious

  4. LEGend432345 Says:

    women! i will make you find religion if you don’t have one already

  5. bobbin321 Says:

    They’re faking it!

  6. larryocmcgee Says:

    this dude is fuckin HALARIOUS

  7. Danijeltv Says:

    awesome video

  8. roycie123 Says:

    1:42 is fuckin hilarious

  9. KirbySmith547 Says:

    Great tangent on sex toys! sounds amazing!

  10. PAfunk27 Says:

    Another awesome video by David. Guys, sex toys are great. I used to have exactly one of those vibrators that is a bullet which goes into a cock ring, with a remote control. The teasing, vibrating, and sex all together makes it an amazing experience. DW hits the spot 🙂

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