The Best Ways To Attract Women And Find The Girl Of Your Dreams

Posted by: laidtips  :  Category: Recent Tips Knowing how to attract girls is a fairly simple process to learn. If you’re having trouble with learning how to attract girls, here is a quick ‘A to Z’ breakdown on what you should do around women. A- Attitude When taking to a woman, you should give off an attitude which demonstrates confidence and ease. B- Body Language Study her body language and act accordingly. If she’s giving you signs of attraction, then increase your efforts. C- Cockiness Women are attracted to guys who have a bit of over confidence or cockiness. By acting in a slightly cocky manner, you have to make HER work for your attention. D- Discussion Discussions or conversations are the key to building attraction. Make sure you that you talk about fun topics and avoid boring things like work or school E- Excitement Women are attracted to guys with exciting lives. So be sure to talk about things that people find interested. If you don’t have an exciting life, go out and start doing things that are worth talking about. F- Flirting Flirting is the key to building attraction. Use your conversation to flirt and make innuendos. G- Go For It Hesitation is the ultimate killer of opportunity. If you see an attractive women go for it! Don’t sit around and think too much. If you do, you might chicken out and think of a dozen reasons why she might not be attracted to you. By learning how to approach women on instinct, you’ll become comfortable around them. H- Humor Like cockiness, women

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