The Best Louis CK Stand Up EVER! – The Digg Reel

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Ah, it all makes sense now. Watch amazing stand-up comic Louis CK shed on light on the real deal with women, marriage and many other crucial topics.

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25 Responses to “The Best Louis CK Stand Up EVER! – The Digg Reel”

  1. SaraHiluvmusic Says:

    1,558 white people are scared of the future.

  2. MinivarKnight Says:

    Hmmmmm. I have a better format for what just happened when I watched that. Show gamefly ad -> Put a message saying “heres the top x shots we’re showing of Louis C.K.’s standup on x date at x stage” -> Show clips -> Show more ads -> Give props to whoever you need to give props to by showing ads. No dude throwing his silly shit in the mix and everyone gets to see funny shit. Win win

  3. DeanMartin1231 Says:

    …and another thing … do we really need a fagity assed hipster host to unnecessarily “set up” the clips here? this douche bag’s 2 cents is going to enhance C.K’s comedy somehow…fuck I’ll find these bits somwhere else…bye bye douche.

  4. DeanMartin1231 Says:

    WOW! That T-mobile commercial is fucking annoying!

  5. Pineconevolved Says:

    I clicked thumbs up on the top two comments

  6. itachiLLLL Says:

    stupid bald retard

  7. Devoti Says:

    why should i watch this with your comments when i can watch it without your comments?

  8. artifactingreality Says:

    fuck the establishment

  9. p1an0hands Says:

    I liked everything about this video except the parts when Louis CK wasn’t on the screen and some guy is talking.

  10. fingerpickups Says:

    this is probarbly the only time a louis ck video will have more than a handful of dislikes on it, eat a dickreel fuckheads

  11. MrBigBadWolf87 Says:

    1491 people are single

  12. sixstringedthing Says:

    Hey DiggReel fucktards, way to represent everything that’s wrong with youtube.

    Eat a bag of shit. You suck. Especially that cock of a presenter.

  13. GrilliamG Says:

    Wow, this is basically “Louis CK clips on YouTube with some faggot in between them”

  14. BikiniDeathSquad Says:

    this shitty show sucks!

  15. sAlainVideos Says:

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  16. BoomtaxRISEtrons Says:

    So how much did you pay Mr. CK to use his material in order to generate revenue for your channel?

  17. johnnyarsonctXhc Says:

    the diggreel blows, louis C.K. rules.

  18. Jbone85 Says:

    CK is hilarious but this should b called the douche reel

  19. mcnowski Says:

    Wish i had a bag of salt to dump on DiggReels leech ass…..

  20. novomlinski Says:

    wtf is that on the right 4th from the top….scaryy

  21. sovamelagarcha Says:

    DiggReel, suck a shipping container full of dicks

  22. wootman223 Says:

    this guy is like raymond willian johnson…fucking annoying and probably gay.

  23. wockynerd Says:

    I’m pretty sure you can see all these bits elsewhere on Youtube with less annoying contexts, so don’t despair!

  24. Hexagrams Says:

    I come to Youtube for a reason and it’s not to watch a crappy, rehashed entertainment TV formats. Suck a bag of dicks indeed.

  25. Josephdorf03 Says:

    Gamefly is awful

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