Wolf the Talking Pomeranian saying: ” I want one! “

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IN MEMORY OF WOLF! I was the owner of “WOLF” the real talking dog. WOLF was a Pomeranian. Some of the things WOLF spoke were: Hello, Hi Mom I want one! ( which means to us that he wants a doggie bone )I want one right now. May you enjoy watching a video clip of Wolf talking dog…Also you may type in Google: Wolf the Talking Pomeranian… Wolf, the World’s only Talking Pomeranian passed away on September 14th 2006. He will be very missed. How does one share unto others that quality which Wolf had? His remarkable ability to speak the human language and use it correctly was extraodinary to say the least. Many hospital patients and children will miss the visits by Wolf, whom had absolute free roam to visit the hospital wards and patients. He brought many smiles to the childrens wards and the seniors and even the staff members. His videos are good, but do not carry the wonder of seeing him in persona and watching him actually talk. Wolf was totally remarkable…In the mornings one could say hello to him and he responded with hi or hello back…crazy little dog. But, he was enjoyed by multitudes upon multitudes and shall be sadly missed. All we can say: Is God has a new puppy now! Mr. Wolf is resting in peace and the land of endless bones. I still remain amazed at the responses to my newest books! Especially: Nine Months Plus One Day about a baby telling the story from inside the womb from God to birth, and explaining all the things he hears through the “Magic Wall”. The story