How To Know If A Girl LIKES You (THIS Shows She’s INTO You)

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More from Stephan at (Join the Nr.1 Dating Advice Newsletter for shy, quiet or introvert guys) How to be able to know if a girl likes you is probably any man’s biggest wish. After all if you’re sure she likes you you’re not going to get rejected. But while we concentrate on figuring out whether she likes us or not…we are not focussing on enjoying the moment, having a great time, teasing her or creating attraction. So yes, there are some good indicators for when a girl is into you and I mention what I think is the key thing that tells you if she’s into you in this video. But I highly recommend you follow my advice in this video and don’t spend too much time on trying to figure out whether a girl is interested in you before you’ve even started to speak to her. That is truly a big mistake. If you’re stopping yourself from even approaching women you like you should probably check out my confidence program here Because often when men wonder first whether a woman likes them or they want to be sure that she is interested it’s usually about a fear of rejection which is not something you need to experience. If you’re not sure how to lead a great conversation then my Pimp Your Lingo Program will help you out Alternatively please join my dating advice newsletter at http for free and get regular dating tips and updates in your inbox.