How to Approach a Girl in a Cafe

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Like this? Get more here: In this Video I give the fundamental reasons why men are anxious and fearful when approaching a woman in a café and I also explain exactly why this is so and how to overcome it by purely focusing on getting curious about her! The take away lessons from this video are Firstly become aware of your destructive thought patterns when approaching a beautiful woman in a café. Secondly, to see how those thought patterns have nothing to do with her and everything to do with you and what you WANT and intend to GET! This is why so many men hesitate and are nervous around beautiful women, that it becomes incredibly difficult to even say…’hey, how is your day going?’. For this reason, men have come up with hundreds of ‘pick up lines’ (in other words, weak excuses) to approach her, which come from that same ‘I WANT TO GET’ Mentality, and by doing so are still acting out of FEAR and HESITATION. She will feel this and it will come across incredibly inauthentic. Guess what guys, she knows and will also make up a weak excuse to run away (I don’t blame her) ! So my ‘how to’ from this video which will effectively rid you of your fear and anxiety is so simple. All you have to do is GET CURIOUS. Become curious about her, where she is from, what is her life like; get to know her reality, beliefs and mindset. In essence actually treat her like a human being that you want to get to know and build a real human connection. Fill your head up with her