Should You Go Out To Practice Or Get Laid?

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Tyler of Real Social Dynamics ( reveals a confusing distinction between WHY you go out. To practice socializing or to get laid? Note that you should STILL go out to have fun and walking around desperately trying to get laid conveys scarcity and weirdness. Rather it’s the way your mindset affects the way you relate to the girl. Also note that you can walk around talking to LOTS of girls and various people, and with that same eye contact they’ll often start chasing you as the center of social attention. It’s not necessary to walk up to girl after girl being pushy, although it’s an option if you choose.

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25 Responses to “Should You Go Out To Practice Or Get Laid?”

  1. me78ish Says:

    I like´╗┐ this guy! ­čśÇ

  2. 6lu5ky86 Says:

    I go to bars where there’s like pool tables and Foosball and such. Something lighthearted to do while you have a few drinks. It’s a pretty interesting to pull a woman into a game with the rest of your crew. I even grab her by the hand if she’s sort of afraid to´╗┐ play for fear of being bad at it. I usually have her playing the field players and I’m the goalie. That way she doesn’t feel terrible if the other plays sink a shot. Goalie shots are two points and I’m good at those, so we win.

  3. TheLivingDeadOne Says:

    You´╗┐ seem like a genius,.

  4. SStabi Says:

    hey i just noitced something, just´╗┐ a funny link a made, with all respect for everyone, but Owen has a short nervous laugh that reminds me of Edward Norton’s character in Fight Club.. on wich Tyler Durden made a comment :p

  5. fingerlickingoodism Says:

    Fucking love you owen! no homo!´╗┐

  6. yositsitsu Says:

    Haha´╗┐ Tyler, you ROCK! ­čÖé
    Thanks for the great videos dude!

  7. guysparks Says:

    Does Tyler realyze that the Tower behind him is the one where Charles Whitman snipered a lot of people, killing 12´╗┐ of them?. ….-Move away from the line of sight, Tyler!

  8. legendarnyziomal Says:

    Tyler come to Poland, you would improve some fucking lifes´╗┐

  9. zoikles1 Says:

    lol I’ve never heard such sophisticated analysis of how to get your dick wet. It makes´╗┐ a lot of sense though.

  10. NightzRoadx Says:

    Tyler come to toronto mannn that would be´╗┐ sweet!

  11. ilovenick1234567890 Says:

    owen, your awesome. but your aussie accent is terrible.
    keep up the good work man. RSD has helped´╗┐ me heaps

  12. zendiman Says:

    Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegaine mate???´╗┐

  13. kirmokin2 Says:

    The intent in the eyes thing yes, but instant´╗┐ make-outs no, unless you look like a super model I guess

  14. KuolemaNox Says:

    So´╗┐ does this stuff work for girls too?

  15. spoonman73 Says:

    Always be´╗┐ closing!

  16. unidie Says:

    after´╗┐ watching tim’s stuff, day after actually

  17. unidie Says:

    @4:55 happened to´╗┐ me!!

  18. BossWdup Says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this short lesson on Social Dynamics. I feel as though I’ve learned so´╗┐ much in such little time, I’ll be sure to follow each of your videos!

    Thanks, from your newest subscriber.

  19. skcin7 Says:

    Haha I´╗┐ love the way he half-laughs in between some of the things he is saying.

  20. sumoivar Says:

    @sexocalypes Haha!´╗┐ Yeah, right on…

  21. saprissa30 Says:

    watch out the car

    for dont samash´╗┐ your head LOL

  22. marksclimax Says:

    I’d definitely agree, it’s just a´╗┐ game, and you can’t really take anything that seriously

  23. TrancePUA Says:

    lol, Whenever i talk with a girl or any person I would look at them fix a fixed eye contact and think ” May this person be well & happy” Now that makes u a better person overall. Try this..U really feel good. With´╗┐ metta kindness

  24. TrancePUA Says:

    The thoughts that you think with your intent are a big part of your own karma. Thats´╗┐ why thinking good thoughts, doing good deeds & saying good words give good results. People can go crazy with sexual frustration if u start to take this thing So seriously. Just playing for fun is a better way in my opinion friends

  25. nunoooooooooo Says:

    They should change´╗┐ the title to Should you go out to practice or TO get laid.

    Interesting stuff Owen!

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