Sex Talk: Men you MUST make your woman climax everytime

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As men due to our ease of being pleasured in sex it’s easy to become selfish in that area. Women want to get theirs also,what if you had sex and everytime you got your but she only got hers. Sexual pleasure must be a two way street

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11 Responses to “Sex Talk: Men you MUST make your woman climax everytime”

  1. EricaYE6 Says:

    Wow, you really know your stuff! lol

  2. TatiiBbyy Says:

    this is so true!! MEN.. LISTEN TO HIM!!! because we do tell our girl friends, RIGHT AFTER YA LEAVE. lol

  3. real1abcda Says:

    i agree with you about waxing your sexual reputation. but the thruth is: even if youre good OR bad women are NOT always going to tell real thruth about your sexual performance

    lets say you agreed to have a one night stand, ok? , you even talked to her about it. all goes well shes amazed blablabla… but then she decided in her head she expected more from you for whatever reason and developed a grudge

  4. cardiffguy85 Says:

    lol no afro for me plz lol shaven haven 🙂

  5. theadviseshow Says:

    I’m not done with these videos. I am fair so i have to speak to the ladies about us men as well

  6. Auntkekebaby Says:

    Kiss her!! Suck some breasts. Don’t just come off the street with the boring disco beat stroke. Don’t take it to the back right away just to prove you can get there. Sucking the clitoral area is definitly the essential. Do it gently but firmly. and beating around the bush so to speak, is not a bad thing. Tease a little

  7. Nenendude Says:

    True, do you, lol

  8. Auntkekebaby Says:

    hahaha … “A man don’t want to put his face in an afro.”

  9. Auntkekebaby Says:

    LOL! We as women should also get to know our bodies and not be ashamed of liking sex. Ladies, don’t tell your girlfriends too much!

  10. Nenendude Says:

    Yeah, please tell them that, LOL

  11. Barginjunkie69 Says:

    So true !! :-)

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