Self Improvement – This May be Your Biggest Obstacle

Posted by: laidtips  :  Category: Recent Tips – Self improvement is a tough thing for most guys to take on. They need to learn how to ditch ego and begin making changes, which can be very difficult. What some people don’t realize is that their own friends can sometimes be their biggest obstacle in the path of self improvement. Are your friends truly supporting where you’d like to go in life? Are they holding you back? Find out more on this topic by watching the video! And for your FREE 1-hour Video Seminar on “How to Approach Any Woman, Anywhere, and Explode Your Confidence Today!”, check out my website here Also, don’t forget to check out my free video blog here!!

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16 Responses to “Self Improvement – This May be Your Biggest Obstacle”

  1. MultiAxel06 Says:

    Vin diesel is that you??

  2. SirMelodicBrush Says:

    Hey man im in the middle of watching your seminar! MAN!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!! The point you made about people walking around being busy thinking about what other poeple are thinking about them and not having the time to think about you is spot on! YOU ARE SOMETHING MAN! OMG! You are the fucking boss!

  3. SirMelodicBrush Says:

    Oh shit! I was once those 3 things you listed rofl!!!!!!!!!!! the world of warcraft thing and what not lol.

  4. gash51466 Says:

    Socialbugg is a free networking website where you can meet girls and guys. My screen name there is Melissa1983 if you are single and want to look me up and add me.


    great video!! i love it!

  5. chrisrocks2010 Says:

    this is a sad fact because i’ve lost a lot of good friends for this reason but have improved my life at the same time.

  6. blitzjik Says:

    What’s that crap hanging on the door? Bro, you have some good things to say but you should have packaged it differently. You look like a moron but I agree with what you have to say.

  7. enime Says:

    I’ve just started watching some of your videos and I noticed you had Gi pants and belt lying around a lot. Besides loving the company of young attractive women I am a huge Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner, I just received my blue! One thing I realised early on in my BJJ career was how difficult it is to explain to women why I enjoy rolling around on the floor with men (No Homo)! I just wondered if you had any tips because bjj is a big part of my life and i enjoy sharing it with everyone!

  8. BestSeductionSecrets Says:

    Good stuff. One thing I have learned about dating and seduction is that don’t rely much on dating advice from other women.

    This is because women aren’t really aware consciously aware of they want.

    Always listen to other men with experience. I just made a new video on how not to screw up when approaching women. Do check out my channel.

  9. djxpress89 Says:

    lol, your the most chill guy ever!!

  10. spli10wiggz Says:

    I will kill this dude! No jp, but for real.. U need to make a one night stand vid… I am good at meeting girls long term i.e. when i see them all the time.. When it comes to going out with my boys; they get laid easy and i give the females too much respect.. Such as boundaries and shit.

  11. HowToSeduceWomenNow Says:

    welcome! Yea honestly I’d say just go out on your own. It will feel uncomfortable at first but that is just you stepping out of your comfort zone and expanding yourself as a person. Also, if you’re friends keep “forgetting” to call you they might not be the best friends. Work on yourself and you will magnetically draw the right awesome friends into your life, or your friends will start “remembering”, trust me!

  12. Blad771 Says:

    Thank you bro, very helpful video! Can you think a little bit on what to do if your friends are ignoring you and always are “forgetting” to call you, could you make a tutorial on how to make them like you and start calling you out?

    It’s not 100% about how to seduce woman but it’s very related with that because you can not seduce girls only with staying at home and watching tutorials…. 🙂

    Keep up the good work man! PEACE! V!

  13. HowToSeduceWomenNow Says:

    lol oh asians, i love em too! for real thanks for the comment I’m glad to hear its helping so much, I’d say the same rules apply across races brother just have to realize that some cultures have some different customs, like for example when I was in brazil, grinding style of dancing there is like a calling a girl a whore, they didn’t like it…lol, so umm, keep that stuff in mind but other then that its all the same shit!

  14. jaredsehorn1 Says:

    Hey bro, thank you so much for all these awesome videos! I appreciate it immensely man. You’ve helped me have t confidence to approach any girl. Its honestly improved my quality of life too, prior to watching these videos I was a very shy and timid person. You’re making the college experience alot more fun for me, I was wondering if you could speak on the topic of hooking up with chicks with different ethnic backgrounds? Like how to get Asians? lol Or do the same rules apply? Again thanks dude!

  15. HowToSeduceWomenNow Says:

    thanks for the compliments! I’m trying to make every vid a Q/A in some fashion now so send in questions and I”ll shoot the vids!

  16. linnywinnie5 Says:

    ur vids true….. hey i like ur vids a lot im thinking about buying ur e-book haha but its kinda expensive :|! you should do a q/a vid like people that have questions and answer them =D

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