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In my research that led me to How to Become an Alpha Male, I found that there were two types of guides. Both types of guides are similar in purpose, meaning they both try to teach you how to pick up women. The two types of guides could be called “Seduction” guides and “Attraction” guides. The seduction guide obviously focuses on seducing women while the attraction guide focuses on various techniques you can use to seem more attractive to women. Being able to seduce a woman is certainly a trait that can be learned. However, being successful in your seduction attempts could change from woman to woman based on personality, mood, environment, being sober, and a whole slew of other variables. This is why seduction, while a very handy skill, should never be your main focus. Being attractive in girls’ eyes (or minds) is an absolutely necessary piece to the how to get women formula, which is why it is silly that a guide (namely a seduction guide) meant to help you get women would fail to teach or even mention specifically how to attract women. Now attraction means and is based on completely different things to men and women. Most men find what they themselves might consider attractive and then try to use that with a girl. Again, attraction is two completely different words when used in the context of men verses the context of women. Seduction and attraction guides will provide you with valuable dating advice and tips; however each one by itself will inevitably leave you

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