Screening – (From Practical Female Psychology)

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How to identify different types of female behavior in field

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9 Responses to “Screening – (From Practical Female Psychology)”

  1. riverofjanuary07 Says:

    You’re so good it’s bad. Can’t stop listening.

  2. Mrjk50000 Says:

    girls have it easier than guys, in the end.

  3. deppressed1 Says:

    @njguitarnewbjk Dude, just get some chloroform, sneak up on them, then once you have them somewhere secluded, ram it in all holes. I usually just flapped my cock at them, that’s why I always only dated bitches who liked me. I have always had trouble approaching women I like, I always had to settle for the fatties, some fine ones every once in a while tho. Maybe I can teach you how to approach and fuck women, just let your mom be the practice subject. No offense.

  4. smkipus Says:

    I gotta say he is right in what he’s saying, also you can replace the word lady/girl with guy/dude and everything he says holds true still

  5. camilla3864 Says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! This must be the biggest pile of bullshit coming from a man with massive issues around women. What patriarchal nonsense…but you gave me a good laugh. If you’re a guy listening to this seriously, you will fuck up with women, end of

  6. njguitarnewbjk Says:

    i love this dude. What’s his name? i agree with him on a lot of shit. anyone wanna talk about pickup on IM or something? I’m from New Jersey. Intermediate at this stuff.

  7. Cleric775 Says:

    From where? is it a book or an e-book?

  8. baddogpug Says:

    Yes – DS, Player Supreme, Franco and the boys. Read Practical Female Psychology for more…

  9. Andrehehe123 Says:

    credit: DogSoldier and Franco

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