Scitech After Dark – The Sexy Science of Attraction – Adults Only – Perth, WA, Western Australia

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See what people had to say at — Internationally-respectedsexologist, Dr Gabrielle Morrissey will be headlining a very sexy Scitech After Dark event on Saturday 9 October. Dating, mating and relating are all on the agenda as the Scitech After Dark team delves into the science of attraction and explores and explains the science of sex, love and attraction and how you can manipulate it to help your love life! Dr Morrisseys captivating presentation will consider how your work could be ruining your sex life, how important sleep – as well as sex is between the sheets, and whether aphrodisiacs really work. We are relishing the opportunity to explore the science of attraction with an adult audience and are delighted to have Dr Morrissey, an expert in the field on board, says event coordinator, Renae Sayers. This edition of After Dark is set to be spicier than ever and will show how science can relate to all facets of your daily life – including your love life. Hands-on activities will allow visitors to test their perceptions of attractiveness and investigate what natural and synthetic smells they find pleasing in a blindfold test – maybe the odour of a sweaty sandshoe actually drives you wild! Plus, take a look through our hilarious beer goggles which replicate what and who you find attractive when youve had a few too many. And for anyone wanting to take a break from all the pheromones floating around, there will be over 100 interactive exhibits on

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    Hi !
    We had great fun watching the show n da presenter.
    Such a good idea, done so well
    n da LONDON OLYMPIC SkyJays !

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    you are so cute
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