Romantic Winter Date Ideas

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Want to plan a fantastic and romantic winter date? Here are some ideas to get you inspired.

During the winter months, the air seems crisp, cold and electric. Visions of warm fires and steaming cups of creamy hot chocolate begin to swim in our heads. Winter is also the perfect time for snuggling. After all, what better way is there to keep warm than cozying up with our loved ones on a cold winter night? As the holidays approach and the temperatures start to drop, romance inevitably begins to fill the air. Show your loved one you care by taking him/her out on one of these romantic winter dates.

* If you live in an area where it snows, take your loved one out and act like kids again and have a snowball fight. Go to a local park and build snow forts and throw snowballs. Or you can get a sled and go sledding down a hill (pieces of cardboard boxes work just as well). If there is enough snow, build snowmen and decorate them with hats, noses, eyes and arms.

* Do you live near a beach? Get some firewood and have a small private bonfire on the beach with your loved one. Be sure that the beach authorities allow bonfires before having one. Pack a small picnic and some warm quilts, and be sure to bring along some graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate so you can heat up some s’mores.

* During the winter holidays, there is always that one street in your city that is full of families that go crazy with the lights and decorations. Or, maybe your city has a small park that gets decorated every single year. Put on your coats and mittens and take your loved one on a romantic stroll to view the Christmas lights and decorations.

* Book a stay at a local bed and breakfast or find a park that rents out log cabins. Surprise your loved one with a romantic weekend retreat where you can be alone with each other. Schedule massages and in-room breakfasts or bring along some champagne and gourmet foods to share.

* If you live in a city that offers horse-drawn carriages, schedule a time where you and your loved one can take a carriage tour through the downtown area or through a park. Or if your own city does not offer carriage rides, find a nearby city that does, and surprise her with a visit there.

* Do you and your loved one love the outdoors? Take him/her to a campsite where you can build a fire and have a cozy camp dinner. Or you can go on a brisk hike on a favorite trail.

* Instead of going out, stay in and have a cozy evening together and watch some fun holiday or winter movies like “Miracle on 34th Street,” “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “A Christmas Story” to get into the Christmas spirit. Start a fire in the fireplace and prepare some homemade hot chocolate with marshmallows. Pop some butter popcorn and grab a warm quilt to snuggle under while you watch these holiday movies.

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