Real Social Dynamics Secrets Of Being Real VS Fake (+Infield Footage Examples)

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Tyler ( & Julien (http share secrets on being “vulnerable” versus using a “schitck” in your game — Real Social Dynamics style.

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19 Responses to “Real Social Dynamics Secrets Of Being Real VS Fake (+Infield Footage Examples)”

  1. julianmarcos4 Says:

    as he’s saying something about the hectic environment at 3:47 the entire crowd walks by. POINT EMPHASIZED

  2. MonkeyMind27 Says:

    Who’s the weirdo in the cap and glasses behind you??LOL

  3. kristianmarinov Says:

    @itsBarcode thanks guys 🙂

  4. itsBarcode Says:

    @kristianmarinov schtick is another word for gimmick.

  5. vision6961 Says:

    Owen!!!! This was an AMMMMMAZING piece of FREE INFO. Keep up the GREAT WORK and THANK YOU for adding SO MUCH VALUE into peoples lives. I hope to seeya in New York.

  6. debuofcoursewhoelse Says:

    Does anyone know what equipment Tyler/RSD uses to record his/their vlogs?

  7. andriante Says:

    @USC2587 Nah you’re probably right. But that’s the cool thing though. It takes a lot of guts to fess up to your act.

  8. suivix Says:

    @shrishsti no, it’s not made up. It’s like your act or way of being

  9. shrishsti Says:

    @kristianmarinov I think Tyler made up this word because this is the first time I heard it. It means you are trying to act “cool” and it comes across fake.

  10. kristianmarinov Says:

    What is the meaning of the word “schitck” :O I can’t find it on google translate.

  11. altheg Says:

    Double make out of glory!

  12. USC2587 Says:

    @USC2587 I saw him on a David D clip on youtube. He was one of his guest speakers. They showed him for like 1 minute or so. Owen looked way younger and I remember his speech being like he described in this video, where he wasn’t being authentic. I’m used to seeing him being cool, authentic, and down to earth and seeing him on David D kind of jumped out at me. But who knows, maybe it was my imagination.

  13. Moolip1 Says:

    what do you mean by “was on David deangelo”?

  14. USC2587 Says:

    Tyler was definitely putting up a schtick when he was on David Deangelo. Now he’s way cooler.

  15. MichFrost Says:

    AWESOME Infield footage just Awesome!!! Tyler you should definitely put more infield footage… It is really motivational!! Keep Up the great work :))

  16. Mkgin22 Says:

    duuuuddeee THAT ASSS IN THE PINK, wtf was the othrer girl doing ?

    Epic Vid

  17. VortexNL Says:

    That’s the SHIT!

  18. esquire05 Says:

    Nice! I’d like to see more infield footage in the future.

  19. daledheyalef Says:


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