Re: Hitler was BLACK!!?? #NaziFail

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10 Responses to “Re: Hitler was BLACK!!?? #NaziFail”

  1. TashaRichardsonFan1 Says:


  2. Toesteh Says:

    @SkypeBucks AINT EVNED

  3. SkypeBucks Says:

    this is the kid that got raped by 4chan

  4. TheHaloCEfan Says:

    @ApocolipticBatman no he dosent even know what O,Mg,F,H2O,C,H and all other elements a normal person should know

  5. collinslfc Says:

    Just like you then? Except you’d be 80.

  6. ApocolipticBatman Says:

    Do you even know what CO2 is?

  7. roonaldo555 Says:

    U will b 40, and a virgin, if u dnt include getting fucked by ur dad

  8. TheHauntedAngel Says:

    Faking the Irish accent again?

  9. sslala156 Says:

    @reload95 DO IT

  10. reload95 Says:

    can i murder you?

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