Q&A: Is it ok to be direct to a woman?

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www.hotalphafemale.com Today we are answering the question, “Is it ok to be direct to a woman?” I cover the apocalypse opener (which is a very direct pick up line) and the reasons why being direct can work in your favor. Apocalypse opener explained www.wellingtonlair.com If the link above doesn’t work then try this one: www.puafestival.com This article has been republished all around the net. Look out for the next Q and A coming out this week: “Do I have to Lie to attract a woman” I’m looking forward to your thoughts and comments Hot Alpha Female PPS. Music by James Holland called “Hot Alpha Female” and you can listen to the full song here: www.reverbnation.com

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24 Responses to “Q&A: Is it ok to be direct to a woman?”

  1. theRshi Says:

    It all depends on how strong your astral body is. This is the measure of capability to be confidant. Women are attracted to someone with a stronger aura, except if it is so strong that it overloads their nervous system.

  2. oacmre Says:

    No pick up lines exist, just looks and cleverness

  3. quantumquantum Says:

    In 1 million and 1 years, I couldn’t be that direct with a woman. It seems like passive aggression to me. No big thing – I guess some people operate this way. Peace.

  4. tjoohoo11 Says:

    Did this yesterday and apparently it didnt matter that she had a boyfriend.. do it right and its a powerful line.

  5. Manoffriendship Says:

    So what happens when she thinks that I think she is a slut.

  6. Damnbabeeyourhot Says:

    oh yeah btw, when you name yourself after a “sport? lol” like MMA where 2 sweaty men go around hugging,grabbing,groping,and wrapping their arms and legs around each other, I wouldn’t ever be going so far as to use “Homosexual” slander to belittle someone. That’s like naming yourself Analeaze and saying you don’t like it up the ass. Keep it in the closet there lil’ guy.

  7. Damnbabeeyourhot Says:

    …? If you have time to stalk random strangers on the internet, I can seriously see why you’re looking for dating advice. Good luck on losing your virginity in 2013 because it’s not happening this year.

  8. MMAfighter87 Says:

    stop taking mr bootys lines…you really tried hard on this one too didnt you hahaha you fucking faggot

  9. Damnbabeeyourhot Says:

    What I tell a woman is this “YOU come here” (that’s when I point her out to get her attention) then I say, “Look here, I likes yah and I wants yah, now we can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way, the choice is yours” … and they always say yes.

  10. Damnbabeeyourhot Says:

    I’m willing to bet this approach has a 99.9% Fail rate unless you’re driving a Lamborghini,Ferrari,Pagani Zonda.

  11. bahpapajarmjackson Says:

    This chick must be INTJ

  12. laurentiucalonfir Says:


  13. TheAlfredgreen Says:

    love this idea!~ thx.

  14. mba2ceo Says:

    … I thought she said NO ! 🙂

  15. mba2ceo Says:

    ya … right … there are reason prostitution exists. This will never work unless U R 5+ level above her.

  16. PachucoDesigns Says:

    Ok, then, so…direct. If I were to approach a girl I like, ask her for name, and tell her I think she’s cute or interesting, and I’d like to get to know her, how does this tend to pan out the way you usually hear of it? The way I figure it, they may appreciate the directness. But at the same time, due to the manner of approach, they have the same limited amount of info on which to base their decision as I do. Which is judged more here? Appearance, or guts?

  17. PachucoDesigns Says:

    @KANG07 So, I guess a rapist is a man, then, eh? That’s about as direct as you can possibly get. lol

  18. Hourus0 Says:

    No, you’re just a phaggot beta male. Sure maybe after a few years of being friend zoned you might get somewhere but it is unlikely you will find a girl you actually truly want to be with acting like this. The time to connect on a deep personal level and begin to care about a girl as a person is AFTER you sleep with her. Once you’ve slept with her it is easier to build a relationship with her anyway.

  19. Hourus0 Says:

    You’re a phaggot if you generalise soldiers and police as having abusive male behaviour tendencies. Only a very small percentage, smaller then the general population of soldiers/police are like this. Soldiers have far stronger mindsets and willpower then the vast majority of the disgustingly lazy overweight slobs that make up the general public.




    that shit might work in europe and uk but in america youll hear

    rape/sexual harassment/objectification, etc



    so if i walked up to a random girl and said lets go back to your place (or my place) i want to fuck you, that would work for 50% and the other 50% would probably end up saying no but doing it anyway?

  22. stephgohard Says:

    sadly no

  23. Ben1607 Says:

    Why and how do the traits in men which most women find the most (emotionally) attractive correlate the strongest with abusive male behavior tendencies?

    Eg: “Men in uniform”, soldiers, police, brutality

  24. okamichamploo Says:

    is it possible for a guy to get to know a girl, actually care about her as a person and not be overly concerned with getting her into the sack, connect on a deep personal level, and not end up being in the FRIEND ZONE?

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