Picking Up Girls Like Your Favorite YouTuber Part 3 by UkranianLimbs

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LIVE/FAV IF YOU DARE!!! I will continue kicking ass either way. Part 1: www.youtube.com Part 2: www.youtube.com Add me on Myspace (JK JK!): facebook.com Best way to communicate: twitter.com If you didn’t get a reference, here are the channels in order of appearance: Chris Smoove: youtube.com TheMarkOfJ: youtube.com Wingsofredemption: youtube.com XboxAhoy: youtube.com Gfxlab: youtube.com xJawz: youtube.com F@G: youtube.com Small Beans: youtube.com SideSho: youtube.com GoldGlove: youtube.com Tejbz: youtube.com Tmartn: youtube.com WoodysGamertag: youtube.com Aplfisher: youtube.com Kimmyj: youtube.com

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25 Responses to “Picking Up Girls Like Your Favorite YouTuber Part 3 by UkranianLimbs”

  1. DarkMatter248 Says:

    @MasterSage31 “There we go”

  2. Crosby4hyg Says:

    For the tejb one you should’ve walked up to her and said titty face titty face. and then walked away.

  3. jayjay1001 Says:

    Are you kidding me? You didn’t say “fact is” once while being WoR?

  4. dredank Says:

    lol i can get you a painkiller sort everything out

  5. TheGremlin484 Says:



  6. Spasserases Says:

    “A boot…? I dunno.”
    Haha, the best one!

  7. SlurryTheSeal Says:

    5:50 all purple links….

  8. MrMaffle Says:


  9. Douchbag1245 Says:

    all of my favorite commentators in 1

  10. Mowie420Wowie Says:

    For those cards, you should have them all saying sex or threesome but have them all be the same.. and then tell her to show you her card and then tell her to pick another and so on

  11. NewTimeRevolution Says:

    xboxahoy was hilarious!

  12. djb27599 Says:

    For SideSHO you should of said “They’re always after me lucky charms”

  13. batkin115 Says:

    a choose your own adventure? EPIC

  14. BeauAkaKingOfCOD Says:

    hahahahah the girl at 3:58 is like omg get the fuck away from me you wierdo hahahahahhaha she says “not like you” with a creeped out face LMAO

  15. itachi5ever Says:

    man u r the best in youtube plz keep up pllllllllllllz keep up I wanna see more and more i’m your #1 fan goooooooooo Ukranian limbs goooooooooooooo ><

  16. formerdave94 Says:

    Wings would NEVER go out in public! xD

  17. TrollPrankCalls Says:

    I don’t usually do this but,

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  18. NINEXxchrisxX Says:

    LOL PLEASE DO AlChestBreach!!!:D

  19. miksta115 Says:

    hardened pro, lmfao

  20. SkinnykidK5 Says:

    For Wings you should have just raged at someone

  21. Sweetl3unny Says:

    LMAO @ u talking to an old lady as Woodysgamertag

  22. LilDCBull Says:

    “I’m a cat person and I have a really small penis”
    LMFAO <3

  23. omgPoopii Says:

    autotuned laugh at 0:10

  24. MizzyMiilk Says:

    lol small beans

  25. FreeOnlineWorkouts Says:


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