Picking Girls Up at WalMart – Persian Style

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De vhite boy can’t get a date at de Valmart es-store. Not even de old ladies vant a date vit de white boy!

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24 Responses to “Picking Girls Up at WalMart – Persian Style”

  1. philaman1972 Says:

    Now, the question is this: did she give you her real number or was it bogus? Second, did you go out with her?

  2. MrAnimated Says:

    it’s the eyebrows.

  3. fourwindsoh Says:

    The last woman is a real doll.

  4. fourwindsoh Says:

    She just thought it was a joke and she thought right.

  5. fourwindsoh Says:

    I guess the moral of the story is never interrupt a woman while she is shopping.

  6. xXJEashXx Says:

    Can’t pick up the ugly fat ones, but he can pick up the nice lookin ones, lolz.

  7. Isreal4realz Says:

    why was the fat girl so offended? lol

  8. Murud15 Says:

    the first girl is so ugly and fat.. wtf, he is the best thing she could ever get next to a pizza slice..

  9. eachshadeofblue Says:

    Persian dude I love your attitude

  10. crocks2871 Says:

    lol what a fuckface that fat bitch is lol

  11. jvcamarena8 Says:

    Awe I liked the last chic she was a great sport n he IS CREEPY FUNNY

  12. SepehrBLK Says:

    You are a retard, man!!!!

  13. Louistuff Says:

    Really! Go back to your country! Really bad

  14. Louistuff Says:

    Give it up! Go back to your country! Really

  15. skinsrdabest26 Says:

    hahahahaha. hello my name is kir.

  16. MrBarnes789 Says:

    Do i have BUGEH in my nose or something?

  17. CoolBreezeClub Says:

    This bitch can suck the chrome of a trailer hitch.

  18. exoskeletonsz Says:

    married her for that? lol

  19. CoolBreezeClub Says:

    But fat girls give the best head-no kidding- I ended up marrying one and its great!

  20. EvertonFooty Says:

    The first girl was terrible, she wouldn’t go on a date with herself either.

  21. exoskeletonsz Says:

    Nine thumbs up, eh?
    Well, guess what…
    This isn’t good enough
    Give me 2 top comments.

  22. exoskeletonsz Says:

    Well, my comment has just become irrelevant to me now that you’ve shown me it’s top comment. Now, I just have one thing to say…

  23. raqc25 Says:

    …she could also see she was being recorded


    Lmfao!! Omg ill date u u Persian fob ur still Khoshtip accent & all haha

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