Pick Up Artist:Style on Openers

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stylelife.com Neil Strauss, author of The Game and Rules of the Game, master pick up artist and wingman of Mystery talks about openers.

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3 Responses to “Pick Up Artist:Style on Openers”

  1. StylelifeAcademy Says:

    Right On!

    Sarge On gents.

  2. Str8upAFC Says:

    Hello RafaelNadal11
    I’m clearly not Style, but i’ll answer that for you.. Well give my opinion anywho

    You remember and deliver that material well with practice; and constant approaching. Don’t be afraid to get blowing out and fluff sets. Its all part of the game. practice makes perfect, you learn from your mistakes etc etc.

  3. RafaelNadal11 Says:

    Hola Neil Strauss!

    Thank you for all your good advice, my only knock against it, is that it is very complicated, there is too much stuff to remember! How do you do it (remember all there is to remember about the pickup)?

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