NYAF 2008 – #09 What To Do on a Date Kingdom Hearts 2

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Video of Entry 09, skit of What To Do on a Date Kingdom Hearts 2 performed at NYAF 2008 Masquerade. (Won Best Performance) For the higher RESOLUTION version of this video, visit www.acparadise.com For details on the convention, cosplayers and series, visit www.acparadise.com

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24 Responses to “NYAF 2008 – #09 What To Do on a Date Kingdom Hearts 2”

  1. SuperDarkria Says:

    Sephiroth and Cloud, picking out the perfect dress for a prom? …I’d like that XD

  2. shadowfangrl2772 Says:

    Those r the best shadow roxas, and sora costumes ever! must of costed alot

  3. pinkycutedog106 Says:


  4. thesilversupporter Says:


  5. Gxmwp Says:

    Thats not cheating cause axels dead XD

  6. XIIIKHRoxas Says:

    so your saying roxas’s 11 brothers and 1 sister stuffed you in a glass artichoke, gave you a giant key and expected you to bash small creatures in the head with it? xD wow thats funny

  7. SweetSanctuary Says:

    That was the perfect antiSora

  8. NintendogsMaster97 Says:

    2:13 lol rejected!

  9. MrsButterflylove23 Says:

    at the begining did he say klingdom heart? XD

  10. AGWinxKH Says:

    Poor Axel….

  11. ImperfectNobody Says:

    I like how Shadow Roxas makes curves with his hands to describe Axel xD

    Yes we all know Axel is curvy and his hips don’t lie 😉 xD

  12. Marlene267ify Says:

    Lol. Clown pants

  13. icried4kishu Says:

    No that doesn’t count as cheating Anti-Roxas, Axel is DEAD 😀

  14. gothLOLIbeauty Says:

    ~No, Shadow Roxas, that’s not cheating; Axel’s DEAD. 😀
    Roxas: D’8


  15. xcupcakexheartagramx Says:

    This is a square enix game. You still have 14 more sequals to make! xD

  16. Way2CoolXD Says:

    in yaoi, no girls are necessary except if the write it, are fangirls, or (oddly) are the guys o.o

  17. Werewolf211 Says:

    Roxas is played by a girl too. The whole act itself is most likely written by a girl or several girls. A guy would most likely pair him up with someone else, since guys aren’t into the whole gay thing most of the time. I personally don’t mind, since it’s cute and possibly funny, but let’s face it. I would never do that myself. I’d pair him up with Kairi or at least a girl.

  18. mariecat321 Says:

    lol wheres the girls xion and kari and namine?

  19. Knienk Says:

    this is awsome HAHAHA love it

  20. JakeRoxas12 Says:


  21. trevb0MG Says:

    I would love to see them do the Sephiroth and Cloud prom dress thing

  22. LilacBallpointPen Says:

    OMG I still crack up every time I see this. And I love how the anouncer looks awkward at 2:35.

  23. Mewkat74 Says:

    BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This is amazing. I haven’t laughed this hard in forever.

  24. YouDaBunnyOctopus Says:

    space pirates, dragons, FRENCHMAN! axel is dead!

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