My First Girlfriend

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25 Responses to “My First Girlfriend”

  1. aidansamso123 Says:

    woo woo woo u sprouted ur first pube in grade 8

  2. davidwanc11 Says:

    Fuckin’ Christ!!! I feel like shit. *sob*sob* RL4L!

  3. 9875734 Says:

    well its entertainment to you if ur the one haveing sex

  4. TheYoAbby Says:


  5. TheRemedyCA Says:

    depends if your 13 or 14 cause most people are 14 when they start 8th but some are 13 so they might not have sproted yet.

  6. MrF0reveralone2 Says:

    First ever pube sprouted, My 11th birthday.

  7. mrpicklemeister Says:

    Anyone notice his clan tag?

  8. GeorgeDzanakaridisTV Says:

    Wait , Sprout pubes in 8TH grade? isnt that like kinda late

  9. bamienator Says:

    lol ´´but she was hot´´

  10. fenwayI0 Says:

    Shat ap, im in grade 9 now and i got a jungle down there! haha

  11. PremiumArtz Says:

    0.o mine was end of grade 5. I’m in grade 7 now.

  12. darkhing3 Says:

    forever alone

  13. fenwayI0 Says:

    First pube, middle of grade 7.

  14. XDShadowNinja Says:

    hey man were you 14 than or 15? 😀

  15. RyanCarbo96 Says:

    had a lot in common liking the same music LOL 😀

  16. james65508 Says:

    Thank god that I’m still single 🙂

  17. 2423clelakers Says:

    I THINK HE IS 80% STR8 AND 20 % GAY

  18. miniluc1 Says:

    dude grade eight you was a late blumer my friend

  19. ToxicManGames Says:

    my first pube was in grade 4-5 lol

  20. MicrophoneFiend93 Says:

    Hey, Im new to youtube and I was wondering if you could check out my videos. I havent really been getting out there, and I would wondering if you could check out my videos and give me feedback

  21. HockeyPlayer274 Says:

    Your first pube was at 8th grade. SCRUB. Mine was over summer between 5th and 6th grade

  22. YourHonor101 Says:

    is he gay?????/

  23. ortsac36 Says:

    That was exactly what I was doing! 😀

  24. Borohockey28 Says:

    Not really. You are just nitpicking what I am saying, when it should be obvious what i’m implying.

  25. Borohockey28 Says:

    Lol I realize that. Why is this argument starting with me. All I am saying is it happens a lot at younger ages because guys are, well, horny. What’s the whole issue going on here?

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