Meeting Women At Starbucks: The Easiest Approach

Posted by: laidtips  :  Category: Recent Tips Meeting Women At Starbucks The Easiest Approach. Do you want to be meeting women while you wait in line for your morning latte at Starbucks? In this video, I tell you the easy, no pressure way for you to be meeting women there every day. For more FREE tips and advice on meeting women everywhere you go, visit

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8 Responses to “Meeting Women At Starbucks: The Easiest Approach”

  1. Adil729 Says:


  2. BritneySpearsIlove Says:

    Meanwhile the barista just wants you to order your coffee!

  3. pointlessfailure Says:

    When ever I see a chick in Starbucks I just say:

    “Can I dump it in your ass?”

    They’re so flattered that I they usually buy my coffee and let me.

  4. snowboardin1 Says:

    good stuff? your joking right? very little playfulness in the interaction David just hypothesized. Furthermore, what reason at all did she have to feel any attraction for him? All he did is ask her a barrage of questions based on what she had done last night. attraction? my ass…

  5. zluvu4ever Says:

    Wygant is a genius. 🙂

  6. BritishRacingGreen Says:

    well its good stuff, just means you’re gonna have to go out there and make use of this material.

  7. allanroyce Says:

    your still the great..

  8. ThaFreshOne12 Says:

    Some good stuff right there

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