‘Meeting Girls’ (Short Film – Comedy)

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‘Meeting Girls’ is the story of Eric (played by Corey Vidal), a nice guy who never seems to be successful with girls. While at a concert, Eric realizes the key he needs to finally get girls to notice him: start a band! DIRECTOR: Kyle Adam CAST: Corey Vidal Joseph Adam Sean De Belchoir Ron MacDonald Christine Whitfield Natalie Kulesza Marie Carriere Gleason A NIAGARA COLLEGE FILM PRODUCTION 2008 LINKS: Watch my other videos: www.youtube.com My homepage: www.coreyograph.com ONLINE STORE (T-shirts Available): www.zambooie.com Twitter: www.twitter.com facebook: www.facebook.com MySpace: www.myspace.com BlogTV: www.blogtv.com

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25 Responses to “‘Meeting Girls’ (Short Film – Comedy)”

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  3. TheBadBaron Says:

    I must say.. this was all done quite well, and professionally, kudos to you all!!

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    I bet you you’ll laugh at least twice


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  12. TheHabboNetwork Says:

    How do you get sets for your short films?

  13. cutelittlefishy Says:

    Nice 🙂

  14. ThePandaBrothers Says:

    thumbs up fr getting the girl!

  15. KelseyBilly Says:

    I would watch a full 2 and a half hour movie of this… Corey needs to be on the big screen!

  16. 3baxcb Says:

    @SoundslikeScotty Yeah, I enjoyed watching it more once the sound design got put together. Must have been a enjoyable shoot.

  17. 3baxcb Says:

    @SoundslikeScotty Larry the drunken manager who can never remember who he’s talking to (except for his moll)…ha ha.

  18. TheANBart Says:

    Wow this was really good :))

  19. Bane862 Says:

    nice…. slap

  20. VaperSteve1975 Says:

    Loved it!

  21. shogundapker Says:

    4:39 – Girl going commando? :O

  22. shadowmoonninja Says:

    the acting pretty good, i like the story outline and how it was simple and easy to follow, there were some parts that were funny. I like the crew of people you got together. Overall it was good!

    Add me, and watch a trailer of my first film “In Love and War” coming this May.

  23. SoundslikeScotty Says:

    Good crew, good story, actors had their parts down. Had a blast during filming/post-production. Ok, perhaps except for filming Corey on the can, sorry Corey.
    I did the Sound Design/Foley and the Sound Edit as well as the background music with the exception of “Vibrate”. That would be BrYan SorensEn.

  24. SoundslikeScotty Says:

    Indeed… Ron(Mcdonald) killed that part… its the Larry show!

  25. FunkCowboy Says:


    It’s called “Vibrate”…written and recorded by brYan sorensEn (the Funk Cowboy). There’s many more vids on Youtube. Check ’em out!

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