Meet Dr. Paul- Free Self Help for Women that Works

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24 Responses to “Meet Dr. Paul- Free Self Help for Women that Works”

  1. effteedub92 Says:

    I get the dislike of the princess type, but I think the other extreme ought be addresses too. There’s alot of women out there that purposely seek out relationships where the probability of them becoming a victim is high because they secretly love it. I guess what I mean to say is the middle of the road is best, and just because a guy isn’t a complete dick doesn’t make him a spineless twat either lol.

  2. alrune8 Says:

    @4thtroika Yes we can. Now what?

  3. thisgame2 Says:

    @TheHappyMisogynist these people cant make the connection have no logic

  4. EvilsOfFeminism Says:

    I’ll pass on the whores. Give me one trustworthy woman and watch me never wander.

  5. apopuffkin1717 Says:

    Thank you for that 😉 My guy is just as honest with me, and I prefer it much more than the “yes men” I dated when I was younger (together now for 11 years). We are both human, and we should both be able to communicate when the other is going off the deep end. I think the whole problem derives from a lack of compassion and empathy for men as human beings, that don’t fit in a convenient little box of traits and stereotypes. Same for women. People overall are losing their ability to empathize.

  6. Razlo5000 Says:

    DAMN I’m glad this guy is on our side…

  7. lanananans Says:

    Haha,bravo! Kudos from a woman who hates double standards and overprotection of any kind. :)))

  8. dewsqavfckmu Says:

    Best place to find women

  9. amalsee Says:

    you can get what you like

  10. redsmooch989 Says:

    @TheHappyMisogynist , hes right ya know…check out infowars with alex jones he talks aout this stuff now and again.

  11. redsmooch989 Says:

    @andron333 yeah but youve gotta have money for the whores, so invest in some hand lotion instead….

  12. soyouthinkimsweet Says:

    hmmm (the point was to stupid to cause offense) lmaooooo, i wont insult your points back as im adult enough to to listen to you opinion, some of which is valid but as a feminist we would prob disagree on a lot but i believe the way forward is to hear out the other side, have a nice day.

  13. TheHappyMisogynist Says:


    No offense taken. Your point was too baseless and stupid to cause offense. The best way to destroy resistance to control from government is to destroy families. And the best way to destroy families is with feminism. Do the math sister. Marx Feminism is NWO all the way.

  14. soyouthinkimsweet Says:

    lmao im sure shania will be so hurt, im not keen on her myself just liked the song, feminism i dont believe has anything to do with nwo its about greedy oligraphs and morally bankrupt bankers and control freaks, you got of the point, u seem to want women to fall into a non existant slot of how you percieve they should behave because you have a dick and she dosent. no offense meant

  15. TheHappyMisogynist Says:


    LOL! NAWALT! “Not all women are like that.” True, but pointless to say in a culture dominated by women are are like that. But I would hardly expect less from someone who would rather spend their time reading about the NWO but has grossly commercialized, dumbed down crap like Shania Twain on her home page.

    Feminism is the NWO’s best friend, and one of it’s main weapons. You should read up some more on it, if you are really in to it.

  16. soyouthinkimsweet Says:

    lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this is so funny

  17. alrune8 Says:

    @4thtroika Yes. Actually I took it just fine. Because it’s just the truth. And truth doesn’t hurt if you’re being honest.

  18. ElizabethIsabelle Says:

    @skshield3 Yes.

  19. skshield3 Says:

    @ElizabethIsabelle Wow! Thank you, Elizabetisabelle. That makes sense. So as long as she’s just blowing of steam about the little stuff, we’re golden?

  20. ElizabethIsabelle Says:

    @skshield3 In every relationship, each person gets on the nerves of the other person from time to time. One difference between men and women is that men are more likely to let the little stuff go, and women are more prone to stew on every detail until they get a chance to vent. If women vent to men, they get “Is that really important?” but if they vent to women, they both get to blow off steam until they feel better (or feel worse, depending on the woman).

    Just explaining, not defending.

  21. ElizabethIsabelle Says:

    @lewtube I honestly have no idea what you think is “manipulating” about my words. I presented what the shoe looks like on the other foot for clarification.

  22. skshield3 Says:

    @ElizabethIsabelle “It’s easier for women to rebuke women for badmouthing all men…”
    Why is it that when women get together, they commonly bond by badmouthing their men? The first time I overhear a gf tell one of her friends to stfu with the complaining, I’m going ring shopping!

  23. TheHappyMisogynist Says:

    I love satire, but I think Dick isn’t satire. Not that it really matters. Two million rabid feminists have done a lot more to wreck satire than Dick.

  24. uratrick Says:

    What is it? People don’t like satire.

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