Magical Frisbee – Pickup PUA Tool! Must buy for this Christmas!

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My first product: The PUA frisbee! This badboy will get you laid not just in minutes, but in the same park! You’ll be down in the dirt in no time. Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself! Keep your eyes peeled on my blog more products will be coming out soon! ­čÖé

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16 Responses to “Magical Frisbee – Pickup PUA Tool! Must buy for this Christmas!”

  1. IIshotz75II Says:


  2. ortofon88 Says:

    i’ll´╗┐ take two please

  3. sanjayshelat Says:

    that is awesome!´╗┐

  4. PatRibsey Says:

    I can’t find a link´╗┐ to buy the frisbee – I have $599 waiting!!

  5. inisterik Says:

    ahahaha man I think that girl was pregnant, look at her way of walking, look that´╗┐ again. thanks sasha

  6. espionaj008 Says:

    love´╗┐ the hair lol

  7. GlennDanzig Says:

    didn’t you get´╗┐ the emails with links on? there are only 2 public videos and the rest are private. Check yo’ emails boy!

  8. andelmanlev Says:

    DUDE -´╗┐ where is the rest of our lessons ?! we got only 2 out of seven !

    that’s it I want my money back!!!
    oh crap I didn’t pay any money … well fuck that … I want my email subscription back!!

    Serously dude – give more pua lesson videos!
    and stop doing all that drugs it will kill you ­čśŤ

  9. ngolimit2 Says:

    How can the frisbee´╗┐ be wrong?!!!!!!111

  10. Clevergamer Says:

    lol, I´╗┐ love shasha

  11. bechilled202 Says:

    microphone cackle due to high levels´╗┐ of magic lol

  12. robertextremu Says:

    only´╗┐ 599$?

  13. GlennDanzig Says:

    Brilliant! :D´╗┐

  14. alexbadfurday Says:

    I like your sense of´╗┐ humor

  15. bbstar7 Says:

    ahhaa that is pretty funny.

    well´╗┐ the frisbee playing represents fun so its an attraction switch. you could probably get laid with the frisbee. lol 599$. thats some funny stuff.

    love sasha… funny guy

  16. Freakezoid123 Says:

    you’re´╗┐ such a weirdo

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