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Although the title might confuse you a little bit, THIS video is about LYRICS in songs, who make NO sense if you pay attention to it! Add me on twitter: add me on facebook: f**k you ceelogreen cee-lo green eminem rihanna love…

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25 Responses to “LYRICS on SONGS to PICK UP GIRLS!?”

  1. spidermanfan45 Says:


  2. sugartub Says:

    i don’t mean to sound creepy, but, I LOVE your accent 😀

  3. DewyGreenday Says:

    LMao hahah! I love this video! And your right YOU COULD PUT THE HOW LADY GAGIT ALBUM UP THERE! But your right with some of these songs. And I also liked the part When you said you were talking to the chick and she told you shed tie you to the bed and set this house on fire! lol.

  4. holypsychopath Says:

    you da man

  5. CrimsonSlayer7 Says:

    lmao when you was saying those lyrics its like it was hard for you to say it

  6. AntiChris1996 Says:

    smell yo dick

  7. 19cosmo91 Says:

    Hey silk is a good one!

  8. Cora452 Says:

    Sexy bitch? IDk but I always thought that is Not a respectable way to describe a chick lol “Hey Sexy bitch come here” Ya no she’d be walking the other way. Good job Akon.

  9. mc15cp Says:

    keep making videos, just so i can use your videos as an example of a good up incomer

  10. hardyfan245 Says:

    Is that the only claim you guys have to back up Eminem? You guys need some new material because he isn’t the only one that had a shitty life. Of course Eminem is famous now so he has nothing to complain about anymore

  11. hardyfan245 Says:

    Actually you can

  12. frankman55 Says:

    and also… whats wrong with the song baby too sing to a girl? besides that the song sucks

  13. phoenix082181 Says:

    btw the only think i understood was “lik”

  14. freshxnerdx94 Says:

    im unsubscribing cuzz you made fun eminem who is my favorite rapper. you have absolutely no idea what he fucking went through his entire life.

  15. purpledino167 Says:

    SWEET!!!!! XD cant wait 🙂

  16. nicotron1 Says:

    i cant complain about the vid if im not on the vid

  17. ItsSorrowful Says:

    It’s funny as a girl listening to that song! xD

  18. bluchismoon Says:

    i know. by the way, can I just say I love your accent. 🙂

  19. yourloveismydruq Says:

    I didnt know cameras had eyes.. but ohkay.. i’m sorry for your pain.

  20. EmoStyleGirl123 Says:

    lol the vid is funny thow =D nice picking of lyrics

  21. gulianos Says:

    HOPELIJK woon jij in den haag HOPELIJK heb je niks te doen HOPELIJK kan je een keer meeten + DitIsmilan Erbij XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  22. littlelordlovesACDC Says:

    no, but it does sound like it, doesnt it?

  23. RiHaCkO Says:

    i know it’s bieber but i call him beiber… justinE bEiber

  24. Stellina199722 Says:

    first things that popped into my head!

  25. SkylineofStorm2 Says:

    wow…never realized it but everything u just said about those lyrics is true O.o haha funny stuff, like the camera part at the end

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