Loosing hope, am I worth it?

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I’m starting to loose hope that I’ll ever find someone else to love me or accept me. I mean I see guys who are better looking than me all the time and I think why would any girl in their right mind want to be with me when they could be with someone like them?

There isn’t anything special about me and I just don’t think I’m good enough for anybody. I mean I’m nice, compassionate, and try to help others but it seems like those things don’t really matter.

I’m also 23 so I think I’m getting to old and have probably missed my chances anyway so I guess I just have to learn to accept it.

I don’t understand though, because everyone that knows me and even some people I have classes with in college think I’m sweet and a really nice guy but that must be a bad thing because I am not with or have ever been with anyone; I’ve never even been kissed…ever.

They also tell me I’m good looking but I just don’t know how to believe it myself. I’m 6″3′, brown-green eyes, fast growing black hair, and olvie skin.

I guess I’m just confused and so many things are racing through my mind now. Any advice, please help if you can?

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7 Responses to “Loosing hope, am I worth it?”

  1. Lois Says:

    Wait on the right person it will don’t rush what is might be right in your face.

  2. Your Assistant Says:

    Join the group, but beyond the valley comes the mountaintop. You just have to get thru the tough times first.
    Watch the movie the peaceful warrior with Nick Nolte 2006 a true story and a good movie.
    Think about your goals, write them down, concentrate on them and stop the self criticism.
    This is what I do.
    Your assistant

  3. Daniel Says:

    Everything you just said, I have the same feelings. I’m 25 though.

    I just know I missed my chance at anything, so I’m just beginning to give up on it all. I’m so sick of fighting everyday while everyone else seems to get by so easily. I just don’t get it. I hear stories about how someone got married, then they abuse each other, I don’t know. I’m just sick of it. Some people don’t know what they have, really.

  4. EMS Says:

    I am a girl and every realtionship that I have been on they run the other way. So I feel ugly and just feel like I should give up on love all toghether since no one seems intrusted in me except for creepy old mexican guys. so your not alone on feeling this. your worth it your fish would show up some day

  5. Little Ju Says:

    You need to get some confidence in yourself, maybe all the people who say ur nice and not bad looking are telling the truth and your just wondering whats going on because you dont have any previous experience. Anyway all the guys that are with girls have probably been knocked back loads of times for each time they get a yes, I think confidence is the key.

    Do you go up to girls and ask them out? If not, thats definatley going to be where your going wrong. I think most girls like a guy to take charge, well for the little things like that anyway, girls like to be chased a little bit, its kinda fun, so if your not chasing any girls, how are they to know that you like them?

    Also dont worry about bing told no that a girl isnt interested, not everyones at the point where they want to be dating, so if that happens, dont take it as a rejection to you, just try again with someone else. If you keep trying and stop doubting yourself, it will happen! But dont doubt yourself believe in yourself and love yourself and it will definatley work out right.

    Oh yea an ur defo not passed it at 23 lol, Most lads of 23 are still just playin around an not really taking things seriously.

    So basically just get out there and let the ladies know your there, flirt, dont worry and basically have fun with it, its not meant to be a chore or a bad thing its meant to be happy and silly and daft!

  6. kr55 Says:

    The first thing you need to do is stop having a pity party!

  7. Judy Says:

    Slow down cause you’re not so old at 23. You sound intelligent and handsome as well as sincere. Those are great quality’s that any girl would be proud to be with you. Have you ever asked a girl for a date? You are just as good as anyone else so stop putting yourself down. Go ahead and ask a girl out for dinner. It doesn’t need to be an expensive restaurant but just casual. Then ask her if she wants to go bowling or a movie. If you’ve never been kissed maybe you have to make the first move and give her a kiss, tell her you had a great time and would she like to go out again. Some girls love to be kissed on the first date and some shy away. So don’t hesitate to ask or just give her a kiss. Just enjoy a nice evening out with whomever you date. If you like a certain girl just say you would like to have her go out with you. Of coarse it is easier for me to say, but swallow your pride and just do it because it is good for you to meet girls and feel more comfortable with them. Good Luck to you.

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