Lesbians: What physical traits attract you to a woman?

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@ Anoushka: I see you’re into the black women. That’s sexy coming from a Russian.

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6 Responses to “Lesbians: What physical traits attract you to a woman?”

  1. Anoushka Orlova Says:

    Tan/bronze/brown skin
    Full lips
    Big a**
    Beautiful smile

    Ashley King, Gelila Bekele, Eva Pigford, Ciara.

  2. Francisco Says:

    I’m gonna guess that it’s not a penis.

  3. Whitney Says:

    I love a woman’s lips and teeth. If someone has bad teeth I will not be interested. I am an a$$ woman too, I don’t care if her girls are big or small but I gotta have a nice butt. You asked about looks so thats what I answered but I honestly do not think looks are everything. You can be attractive for my eyes but a bad attitude can throw all of that away.

  4. John Feather Says:

    None. In so far as they are noticeably feminine physical characteristics, they repulse me.

  5. 4EVERurz Says:

    tall, lean, nice bright eyes

  6. Kyria Says:

    pretty eyes and a nice body.

    Well kept hair. Idc if she gels and hairsprays it or straightens it—whatever. As long as it works and she looks nice, it doesn’t matter.
    Personal hygiene, oh my god. A must. i don’t ask for godlike model perfect skin but jesus Christ—haven’t some people heard of facial wash? Pro-activ? Make-up? And im a HUGE teeth/breath freak. I just don’t have the stomach to sleep with someone who can’t look after themselves.
    Weight—I don’t mind thick girls much but there’s a limit to where I am and am not attracted anymore. Ya know?
    That’s about it. Heights whatever. And I covered my biggies—skin, hygiene, hair, weight and teeth.

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