Keeping your refrigerator stocked will get you many women

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man my home boy thought i was lying when I said I keep my crib female friendly…so I decided to do a video on how you do it right…real talk I will put you on…Chicago stand

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25 Responses to “Keeping your refrigerator stocked will get you many women”

  1. Sinkinho Says:

    @part2themovie u suck. caring for your woman/women is not prostitution, you just dont get laid. Equal rights doesnt mean that niggaz arent supposed to be richer than your ass. Youre jealous!

    youre probably one of those that get offended by snow statues: /watch?v=ow58DHLWtdI

  2. Jaldape18 Says:


  3. goodytoshew Says:

    @HighRollingBaller it was in his freezer

  4. 2bored2party Says:

    Hahah yeaa Becky

  5. HighRollingBaller Says:

    How did a nigga make a pizza with only drinks and desserts in his fridge/ freezer?

  6. DosiaRova Says:

    i got flamin hots, then i hit em with the cherry cokes….they in LMAO

  7. LAKings0101 Says:

    @petrosdawit It was a fuckin joke bro. man black people are so stupid.

  8. SwimmingChica331 Says:

    hes so right…food is the way to my heart <3

  9. ljoyaro Says:

    chi is stacked!!!

  10. TheMrQuangNguyen Says:

    aiight fuck that shit fuck that shit… LOL

  11. dearestkela Says:

    holy shit you have the best voice evaaar.

  12. gmwsooflyy Says:

    HAHAAHAHAHAHA! i LOVE this video. my friend showed this to me and i laughed my ass off! ” you breathin heavy guh! i know you hungry” HAHA i love it

  13. hondaktm100 Says:

    alright fuck that shit fuck that shit

  14. devenbruhh Says:

    hit the lil nigga wit a freeze pop!!

  15. soulizsouliz Says:

    BAM! Hit Them Little NIggAz with The FreeEZPoP! Thats right nigga! So sHe Bring tHE LIttLE KiD oveR? AnD i say WAnt A litTle FreeZpop? LitTLe NIGga? Cus HE’s Gonna COckBlock You AnYWAy! Hit him With a mOthERcuking FreeeZpoP! All typeS Of flavers Got lIke FUcking 400 In THis MoTherFucker.

  16. schmoyo8 Says:

    DAMN u rich

  17. anthonyvea Says:

    1586 people have no refrigerators or are broke as shit.

  18. alexcuseME Says:

    You can drink butter? COOL MAN 😀

  19. sandiegoDM Says:

    @LAKings0101 lol white person alert

  20. mxobxo Says:

    want to live in your house now ahahah XD

  21. Ceology3000 Says:

    lol Nigga made a pizza

  22. KiwiCollinTV Says:

    This made my day dood.

  23. supraho Says:

    blue juice all over my carpet

  24. jaydenshea Says:

    yeah becky…

  25. DimesAllDay1 Says:

    If you had had the muchies this would be the best place to be. All the food you can eat, video games, cable oh shit Nigga i aint no female but can i come over. Thumbs up to that.

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