If women are trying to attract men, why are they more concerned with what other women think?

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Does this make any sense? Men trying to attract women would never do something that makes them less attractive to the women that they are trying to attract, but women do this all the time. Women know that almost all men find women with at least shoulder length hair to be more attractive than their short haired counterparts. Why then, do so many women get their hair cut much shorter than that?

P.S. Sorry ladies, but for most of you, short hair doesn’t suit you at all, regardless of what your girlfriend or hairstylist may have told you. In most cases, short hair is much less attractive to the men you are trying to get to notice you. In addition, it is not the long hair that ages women, but the extreme short ‘do’s.
As for the gay hair stylist comment, that was ignorant. No, I am not gay; never have been and never will be.

I was just curious why men are more concerned about what women think about their looks, while women are more concerned with what other women think. That seems strange especially considering that women know that other women have intentionally led them in the wrong direction, as mentioned by one of the women who answered the question.

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5 Responses to “If women are trying to attract men, why are they more concerned with what other women think?”

  1. meowmonkeymeow Says:

    I’m not sure you know what you’re talking about. You don’t speak for all men. There’s nothing wrong with short hair and it really fits certain women just fine.

  2. Ditto D Says:

    Women have always tried to impress other women. It is a competition thing. They always want to one up the other or do something daring or different. There has been a recent trend in Hollywood to cut hair in a bob ( which can look very cute, but must be styled correctly) or pixie short. I do agree with you short hair is AWFUL on most women. I like to think I have a nice face, but I cut my hair short about two years ago and it aged me 15 yrs and made me look like a butch soccer mom. I did it because I just got sick of my long hair. I couldn’t wait for it to grow and was miserable with my ugly, short hair. Men like women in general and are not hard to impress. Women sometimes give each other bad advice intentionally to make each other look bad. I was once told by a “friend” I would look “so good” with short hair. Women take other women’s opinions seriously. Most men will not be honest or give very vague or generic opinions.

  3. Ray G Says:

    Women don’t have to worry about attracting men. The sad fact is that they can have a man whenever they want one. In most cases, they can even be picky about it. While a woman has to work to impress another woman, she already has a man’s undivided attention just by virtue of being a woman. Oh, and I agree with you on the hair thing. The longer the better. If I see a woman who can sit on her hair, I have to stare for a moment.

  4. Keyring Says:

    Maybe they’re afraid that if they keep their hair long they’ll have chauvinist asses like you trying to chat them up.

    I like short hair.

  5. mp Says:

    IMO it’s largely about competition among women that has nothing to do with men. Hair isn’t the only example; the obsession with being stick thin follows this pattern too. How many guys want their women to be waif thin with no hips, no breasts, and gaunt faces? Yet that’s what women’s magazines push. Take a look at the women on the cover of Playboy (preferably 20 or so years ago before the silicone thing got going) to see what men like, and compare it to the cover of women’s magazines.

    The hair thing is a bit insidious too. Short hair is seen as easier to care for and more modern and stylish. Plus, cutting off your hair generates lots of compliments (from other women) for at least a few days because it is a dramatic obvious change, and people love to be noticed and complimented. But once a woman has cut off her long hair, she is motivated to encourage still long-haired women to do the same to level the playing field with men, because they know most men prefer long hair.

    A lot of women smartly realize that men like long hair and wait to get the big chop until after they are married and don’t have to attract men any more.

    There’s actually a deep-seated cultural basis for some of this. For example, there was a Polish wedding tradition where the woman wore very long hair up to their wedding, and then at the end of the wedding reception the local married women literally cut off the bride’s long hair and placed a cap on her head as a symbol of her being unavailable and part of the community of married women.

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