If It Takes Someone More Than 3 Days To Get Back To You On An Online Dating Site, Are They Not Interested?

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I sent a girl a message on an online dating site. She wrote back that night and responded and asked a few questions. I wrote back to that but I noticed she has not logged in since or checked the message I sent 3 days ago. How long should you usually wait for someone to respond? Does it sound like she wasn’t very interested and just writing back to be nice?

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21 Responses to “If It Takes Someone More Than 3 Days To Get Back To You On An Online Dating Site, Are They Not Interested?”

  1. Juli Says:

    I have a better question Miles
    why ar you waiting for a someone “aka’ a stranger you met online to get back to you?
    I mean you met her online you can’t be 100% sure your even talking to a female
    This is a faceless person you may never meet or should want to meet
    whomever this is could be talking to a lot of people online and thats could be the reason he or she hasn’t gotten around to you or whomever this is may not have access to the jail computer EVERYDAY just once a week
    Why don’t you stop waiting around for a message you may not get and go on with your life and meet with a girl who’slocal and you can see and talk to in person

  2. Mile Says:

    If she hasn’t logged in, then she doesn’t know you replied yet, I’d say be patient.
    Chances are she’s just busy, maybe she works long hours, or something came up with family– there are a million reasons why she might not have been online yet.
    But I think it’s pretty safe to say that if she simply wasn’t interested in you, it wouldn’t be enough for her to avoid the whole site all together. So I would sit tight, and give her a while– if you know when she logs in, they you can see when she has a chance to read your message– if she doesn’t reply within a week of actually seeing your message, then I’d say she’s probably not interested.
    But in the mean time, be patient.

  3. itstight Says:

    you don’t write back just be nice. as a girl, i get like 100 messages a week, you don’t bother with writing back for no reason!! she could have lost interest, or just had the chance to log on. I usually only check my messages only twice a week, some people don’t take their online dating too seriously.

  4. Star Says:

    If she hasn’t logged on, I think you’re just jumping to conclusions. Her internet may be down, or she just hasn’t had the time. I would say you should only be worried about her not answering, only if she’s been on and you’ve received no reply.

  5. Sarah Lynn. Says:

    she could have been interested at first and then met someone she really liked and stopped going on and then they broke up and she picked the first person she really liked to respond to? that could be it.. keep messaging her and set up a date to go out

  6. ✯ℜιяѕтєи Says:

    Be careful with online dating! Never send them money if you read the letters and watch carefully you will find that most of them are scams. I hope that’s not true for this one. She may just be busy with work or have something going on with family just give it time 🙂

  7. Ariel Says:

    Or hey, here’s a small thought.
    Maybe she hasn’t had the chance to get online to check her messages. Not everyone has a computer.
    Why are you stalking her so soon?
    Get that under control, quick or that will really send her running

  8. Phoenix Says:

    she may have a job or just busy, you should wait until she emails you back, i’m sure you will find out what may have taken her longer to get back to you

  9. prissy Says:

    Dude stop waiting, If you really want to get girls online then try other sites. Look at the source box and you’ll know your way.

  10. gloria Says:

    dude mayb try getting a webcam n showing her naughty things..she’ll b more than interested 😉

  11. mary Says:

    she may be busy, be patient
    now if you see she has logged in and not responded, then she’s not interested

  12. ann s Says:

    She might just be busy.
    She might also not want to seem to anxious and is therefor waiting a while to respond.

  13. Suprimid Says:

    You mean you only contact one woman at a time!?
    Dude, do the monogamy thing *AFTER* you’re in a romantic relationship, not before. Approach other women.

  14. Satan Claws Says:

    if she hasn’t logged on, that means that she hasn’t been onthe site to get your message?
    use your common sense! 🙂
    next time she logs on, im pretty sure she’ll reply.

  15. Katttt :) Says:

    you mention that she did not log in so i think she just did not reply because she hasn’t received the message. if she reads it and then does not reply then u can be worried.

  16. Trinidad Says:

    Forget about her if she doesn’t respond!

  17. Dynamic Keria Says:

    Yes that’s possible and if I were you I wouldn’t wait any longer.
    the truth can hurt.

  18. Caffeine Says:

    maybe she just hasn’t logged in yet…

  19. elektra Says:

    she might be trying to keep you on your toes!

  20. Crissy Says:

    umm yes

  21. berries Says:

    online dating? really? oh dear

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