i think i have found the full proof method of attracting women?

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well basically recently i have been looking for the perfect method which i could follow to attract women. i have read books to online posts to hanging out with friends. and here it is.
i want the input of other men and women on whether this method is one i should follow.
1. Relax first. Don’t be tense to be spending time with a beautiful woman.
2. Tease her a bit. Make fun of her for the small things she says to make her laugh and feel your confidence. Be a little cocky when she says compliments.
3. Act as if you are not interested and that will spark her to want you more.

I want your advice and tell me if this method is great. especially women please

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8 Responses to “i think i have found the full proof method of attracting women?”

  1. Kaitlyn T Says:

    it sounds ok until the part about being cocky cuz trust me no girl likes som1 cocky

  2. Love Says:

    welcome to the 21st century pal…

  3. HoneyBabe<3 Says:

    haha 1 and 2 are great. but idk about # 3 cuz if u act toooo not interested, we may think your not really interested at all, and we will probly think there’s something wrong with us.

  4. Kristina s Says:

    The first two sound good, the last I think depends on every woman. I personally get frustrated if a guy thinks he can just walk allover me. I mean I might like him still, but I won’t pursue him so I save myself from being hurt.

  5. kung fu chick Says:

    number 1 is good, that will work. number two, only do that like, once or twice in a conversation. if you do that too much, it’ll make her a little embarrassed or nervous. number three, i wouldn’t recommend, only because it will kind of hurt her ego. you don’t want to be too interested, but you also don’t want to act uninterested. you kinda need to find a happy medium for that one.

  6. IluvAshleyTisdale Says:

    or you can read several books.

  7. Smile :) Says:

    I don’t really like cocky, but its okay if used right.
    And don’t act too uninterested, she might drift away, which I am finding myself doing right now. :/

  8. robedog21 Says:

    that one guy is right u shouldn’t act cocky around girls because they think you’re full of yourself when u do that and acting as though ur not interested makes them feel as though u dont care about them and trust me playing hard to get only works about 25% of the time. otherwise everything else would be great to do… GO GET EM PLAYER.

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