How To Use Quantum Jumping to Attract More Wealth (Part 1/3)

Posted by: laidtips  :  Category: Uncategorized Burt Goldman discusses an overlooked method of attracting wealth using his Quantum Jumping technique. This is part one of a free three-part series.

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25 Responses to “How To Use Quantum Jumping to Attract More Wealth (Part 1/3)”

  1. BeAsTm0aD Says:

    @7thWardBoyMike lol I get the occasional quantum jump in here and there

  2. lilboiblue14 Says:

    You are all here in denale. You come here knowing something, feeling what you live is a lie. That there is something more out there, more to life to than the one you live. When you wake up in the morning from a dream, feeling it was so real, knowing it was but saying it wasn’t.
    You all need to give this dude his props. You clicked here because you know there is more.

  3. 7thWardBoyMike Says:

    @BeAsTm0aD i quantum jump often

  4. js010001abc99 Says:

    Amazing, how to attract money. got an idea. make a dum-ass website that tells people about a “secret”, a “secret” that lets you obtain money by spending money.. lol. joker

  5. ainvencivel Says:

    @thruthefence I didn’t for sure!!!

  6. BeAsTm0aD Says:

    Hey guys let me tell you how to quantum jump. Okay, first you get some rolling papers, then you place a strange green substance that has a kind of spunky smell (it’s quite good) then you roll it up and light the paper and you will be transported to a new world and understand yourself better! Your social skills will increase as well as your confidence in life so you can do anything!

  7. TheGamersGateway Says:

    tell me your dimension. ill go there and kick your ass

  8. antischaap Says:

    @dutchtrader lol a sad world?
    you think you created a better version with your survivsl outside of this corrupt evil system mindset?
    a illuminati controlled NWO?
    u like that better then his view
    wake up smell the prozac

  9. spencer831 Says:

    all this dude is saying is to take accountability for your actions. duh, if anyone had perfect self-discipline, like the kind this guy acts like everyone has inside them, they would of course be able to achieve their goals. its a matter of ACTUALLY DOING IT. also ya i want some of this guys chronic

  10. thruthefence Says:

    Who picked out that shirt?

    Better quantum jump over to ‘Barneys’!

    Baba Rum Raisin

  11. dutchtrader Says:

    Ok – for those of you who havent been paying attention. The money culture that has permeated our planet from the rise of the Roman Empire or beyond, is coming to an end. Why attract money when you need to learn how to survive outside of this corrupt evil system of accumulating more… buy consume obey! Grow up people. It’s a shame seeing someone of his age who has lost his mind and people wont help him find it… its a sad sad world you’ve created for yourself.

  12. starlightbeing Says:

    Okay….it could also be called a helpful psychological ‘tool’ that one can use to raise awareness and release those habits that are impeding one’s progress in every area. Also including ones finances, of course. Thank you! Namaste, :*)

  13. mariojasper Says:


  14. xxxsmd Says:

    Great JOb!!!

    Burt u r the best!!!!

  15. waterrrr Says:

    more like quantum tripping

  16. Ayoubsss Says:

    Wanna jump to a parallel universe and experience some crazy shit ?
    Easy, do Acid …

  17. bunnykins110P Says:

    I agree with you 100% and to tell you the truth, when you do find out what is real the last thing you will EVER worry about is money or any kind of personal luxury. Hear me on this, I was a greedy b—ch and then I died in an accident and came back thank the lord so I DO know. You have a responsibilty to yourself to be kind and generous and this will be greatly rewarded both here and over there. Mean and dishonest people many times advances and gets promoted. Nice guys finish last…

  18. RedNudidity Says:

    What the heck is quantum jumping?

  19. flugenze Says:

    not a suprising comment judging by your user name ha

  20. The777JesusFreak Says:

    this dude is smoking some GOOD stuff lol

  21. naxatra87 Says:

    Hello Mr. Burt…
    I saw your all 3 Videos on How To Use Quantum Jumping to Attract More Wealth …
    I am scrapping you to show or tell me how can I LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE unlike money…
    I hope you will guide me…American Monk…!
    Take Care…
    !..A Well-Wisher..!

  22. JuggaloConez Says:

    trippin balls?

  23. 4weed2man0 Says:

    ok i read this guy’s website and there’s nothing negative to been about quantum jumping. No dangers are listed. No warnings given. What if you jump into a dimension or reality that is HORRIBLE? The complete lack of commenting on these things has made me incredibly skeptical.

  24. EmeraldIsland1 Says:

    Namaste – the Divine in me honours and acknowledges the Divine in you.

  25. xnf90x2 Says:

    fuck you

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