How To Talk to Women pt.1

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SMYLZ helps a certain subscriber to learn how to talk to women.

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17 Responses to “How To Talk to Women pt.1”

  1. tubeth2000 Says:

    Well this is my favorite one

  2. crazybones2009 Says:

    Dude i dnt agree with u… ive seen guys who cannot afford a bus pass wit some hot ass successfull woman…its about the personality more than anything!!

  3. xGothimox Says:

    Don’t be shy, don’t be a fucking fail
    girls will come

  4. arc1342 Says:

    can someone make a video about how to shitt???

  5. oscardy Says:

    Dennis Rodman giving advise lol

  6. AquaLue1 Says:

    I know you said this video is for the guy whats Ah Name……? but i had to comment and say that the only time. A chick is outta ya league if you think so. Man aint everbody gone like everbody cause everbody aint meant for everybody. So with that being said I belive that when you feel that somebody is outta ya league then thats really ya mind tell en you that that persons not for you

  7. 213kilacali Says:

    “do u wanna fuck her”..ahhah

  8. kinganondorf Says:


  9. handsome252 Says:

    Lol datz what im talking bout

  10. juneride Says:

    Give me all the answers. I want to get all the babes

  11. juneride Says:

    He says know what you can and can’t do.
    I don’t really know that.
    He says know what you want from a woman.
    And that I know! I just want to FUCK her.
    I want to FUCK THEM ALL, and let someone else marry them.

  12. jimk140 Says:

    Your a ledgend !!

  13. handsome252 Says:

    dis guy knows nothin bout women.. ask me i got da answers

  14. arthursnjn23 Says:

    dude your this video is actually very interesting. nicely done! 100/100

  15. ClemsonDallas Says:

    dude ur new style looks sharp!

  16. ylambo Says:

    wow thanx i needed this

  17. sleepless4201 Says:

    I’m sure ol boy will learn how to play the game soon

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